What IS Embodiment? # 0: Is There an Echo?

embodiment 101

Now the hundred acres have fallen and the enchanted forest is silent, the space opens to the (mostly silent) observer: and yeah, thou art that.

What do you think – in a hundred word or less, can you describe what have you received, conceived, or heaved up  during the last hundred posts?

Artwork optional.

8 thoughts on “What IS Embodiment? # 0: Is There an Echo?

  1. In holistic medicine there is this practice called dry fasting. During dry fasting one stops consuming everything, including water. The duration of the process is short, only a few days but the body does something incredible. Not consuming anything new allows the cells of the body to become like an incinerator burning away all the toxins in the body.

    Over the last 100 days I’ve come to this blog series with an open mind and an open heart. I’ve sat with my feelings, initial reactions and thoughts, experiencing them fully, letting go and clearing a space for something more.

  2. ‘Echo’ is a great one-word description – I guess sometimes the bat only sees the outline of himself when another bat bounces a signal towards him. And we are out in the far reaches where not many bats tend to fly.

    But then again, in the end it may just be the simple enjoyment of reading the poetic ruminations of a thoughtful friend. Words as expression are a worthy end in themselves, and need no “validation” by contemporary culture.

    The letters and sentences and even the meaning will disintegrate but the expression is eternal.

  3. wow.. these hundred posts were, quite simply, some of the most meaningful and honest pieces of spiritual wisdom I have read this year. frequently quite synchronisticly aligned with my own thoughts as well; the phrase ‘thou art that’ was running through my head last night and this morning. thank you.

  4. Chalk is ours , the light is not
    fragile mass of thought hovering over a density of undercurrents
    roots of an old shamanic tooth bruised in the neck
    Observing the wood, unlocking the branches
    sliding still , tilting so one can see all
    Launching and alienating
    warping rather than cursing
    kneading faiths that do not sit still
    Destroying what does no help
    aloof to apology
    stillness instead
    and the healing of clouds with reaction to share
    friends that you feel will not listen
    dialogue losing its permenance
    duvet left unwashed and a splintered boomerang
    the echo will chime into a hole
    into a hole
    into blackness

  5. embodiment sounded like something I need
    always in my head
    who’s head but my own could I be in?
    my growing ADHD was pleased
    I must go back and re-read
    Thanks Jasun
    My quiet is just because I am listening

  6. I have not yet given these posts the respect they probably deserve. (I could do well to go to #1 and read the posts in sequence.) But, when I have stepped in these waters the last month or so, there have been very cogent tid-bits to be found.

    Thanks Jason for putting it on the line, and keeping it on the line.

  7. Great series! I loved it! I read it twice already. I agree with you in many ideas. From time to time I get new ideas to think about. Every time an idea sticks in my mind I try to find a new one so the old one gets replaced. In your posts, I found old ideas becoming new ideas and I enjoyed it a lot. Now I don’t believe there is something like “enlighted” people. I don’t think there’s 1 explanation for everything. I don’t believe in anything I was taught. I believe our main purpose is being ourselves. I believe we are supposed to enjoy every minute of our life with ourselves. I don’t know where we come from but I’m sure we chose to be what we are. I think the reason why we are here is for our soul to experience through our body. I really beleive what you said about being embodied means that you are never alone and that we should be like children (this sound a little like Thomas gospel, but I like that one also). Thank you for your toughts (sorry about my english).

  8. Thanks Pamela and to everyone else who responded here. I didnt reply to anyone because I wanted the space to stay empty of my voice so as not to interfere with any echoes. But i really enjoyed these responses. May there be many more! (more, ore, re e)

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