What is Embodiment # 100: Body Sattva

“Thou art the love with which I love thee.”

In the beginning was the word—but the beginning of what, exactly?

In the end was the image, now I’m all out of words. (This statement is false.)

What’s to say after 100 days, now all is said and done?

A soul seeking enlightenment is like a dog chasing its tail—fun until it gets serious; after that, exhaustion is a mercy.

A smile is worth a thousand words. Ask Buddha.

Ask your body what your Soul has to say, and don’t move from that spot until you are the answer.

embodiment 100


9 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 100: Body Sattva

  1. Thank you, Jasun. Your blog series coincided with some work I’ve been doing on myself and you’ve given me so much to think about. I have a strong suspicion that I was “chasing my tail” a lot and now I’m rethinking my focus.

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