What is Embodiment # 98: Turning Towards the Dark

embodiment 98

When you find the Enlightenment Transmission, turn away.

The light that’s outside of you is not yours.

But it does signal to a light within you.

To find the light within you, turn away from the outer light, towards the darkness.

If you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.

When you discover your inner light, you become the light which you are.

A finder of light becomes a seeker of darkness.

The function of the light you are is to seek darkness and bring light to it.

After that, however deeply you journey into darkness, there will be light.

One thought on “What is Embodiment # 98: Turning Towards the Dark

  1. my mentor is spiritually in tune or enlightened a fair bit. It’s beyond ego or intellect or human emotions. He has a strong field of influence that can calm the most psychopathic people by sheer presence. actually In his 20 he prayed to become dumbed down as he was so aware it drove him nuts with loneliness. He said to god it was too much. He wasn’t ready for it. He knew what everyone was thinking and what to do and what would happen having psychic abilities. main problem was the loneliness…. I have to go my own way though and stop leaning on him and find my own light in the darkness of this desolate world 🙂

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