Embodiment # 97: Love of Life

embodiment 97

Everything we experience in the temporal realm is temporary. Even a fully embodied life ends—albeit fully embodied-ly.

So why seek anything at all?

While the many experiences of earthly life are fleeting, the joys and sorrows they give us are not.

Perhaps this is the point of embodiment? When the Soul is fully landed in the body, it can be impressed—like cheese by a mold—by the sensations and feelings of experience?

Most of all by love of life.

This soul-love, if we reach it, is what we take with us—into the formless, into eternity.

2 thoughts on “Embodiment # 97: Love of Life

  1. typing this second time round…

    …minor sync here. my favorite number to use is 97. minute ago was urged to sign my name as ly but did Lysaur as I never sign with ly tho had the urge nonetheless. few I get excited over little syncs. so I take this message to heart.

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