What is Embodiment # 93: The Lesson

embodiment 93

If enlightenment can’t be taught, what does an enlightenment teacher teach?

An enlightenment teacher can only model his own behavior (mimesis), so in the end he or she can only teach how to be . . . an enlightenment teacher!

It’s a good way to create an enlightenment-based religion, but it limits the Soul’s expression to a single note: like painting a picture using only one color.

The real lesson of an enlightenment teacher is single and profound: that no teacher—enlightened or otherwise—is, or ever was, necessary to you.*

For me, this lesson has proved invaluable.

*Beware absolutist statements: a guitar teacher or cooking teacher might be necessary at some point to learn those things! But no teacher can teach you who you are or how to express it – by definition this knowledge has to come from within you and may be in direct contrast to the teacher – or even opposition!

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 93: The Lesson

    • There’s a whole other dimension to being with Dave besides “teaching.”

      I’m glad someone asked, it gives me the opportunity to add that.

      The problem isn’t so much with Dave, but with the idea of an enlightenment teacher, the baggage I brought to that, around the concepts of both enlightenment and teacher.

      I did worry about this post – maybe I went too far – but hoped that the paradoxical meaning of it would be what came across most strongly. Maybe I failed there. It was post # 93, too (for Thelemites!).

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