What is Embodiment # 85: Disembodiment

embodiment 85

Disembodiment is a liminal state, not dead but not really alive, the life of a phantom, a walking dream, without roots or ground.

To be disembodied is to identify with every stray thought and errant mood that comes along, and cling to it, like a drowning man at straws.

It’s an endless struggle to try and make the ends of our experience “meet” to form a coherent whole, or “self.”

To be adrift in a sea of shifting forms with no possibility of connecting to any of them because there is no center to connect from.

4 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 85: Disembodiment

  1. “We know who we are. We are the dispossessed, the outcasts, and the
    outsiders, rebels with a cause who have upturned the mulch of our dead
    lives and seeded those fertile fields with incendiary visions of our
    future selves. Having already subverted the norm, we renunciate
    dominator culture’s status quo of everything and drift happy
    disconnected — babes in the abyss — wavering in the ambiguity fog of
    dislocation. Free-floating between old worlds and the new, guided only
    by the shining paths of mother evolution. We have passed over, we have
    passed the point of no-return and since there is no turning back, we
    celebrate the momentum lifting us on the wings of perception, grace, and
    whatever skills we have earned from surviving the inevitable
    catastrophe of self. Only when we are over, does our real life begin.” —
    Antero Alli

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