What is Embodiment # 79: Atomic Hairs

embodiment 79

Enlightenment, no. Embodiment, yes.

There’s a presence, like a benevolent parent, but without form or identity, caregiver and comforter (Paraclete).

It permeates existence and gives it form and context. It has always been here and always will be. Like a grid underlying the visible structure of the Universe, everything is nested in it and comes into form around it. Like cheese around cheesecloth.

Transmission, no. Cheesecloth, yes.

Surprising, after four years, to discover that the fundamental terms of Dave’s teachings don’t agree with my own experience.

Dave calls this “hair-splitting,” but from where I’m sitting, it’s more like splitting the atom.

5 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 79: Atomic Hairs

  1. But I don’t really understand what you mean, what is the cheesecloth, and how is it differnet from the transmission? What do you mean by enlightment no, embodiment yes?

  2. where does a transmission come from? can it be blocked, or hacked, or stopped? does it vary in strength, or frequency, or content?

    what is eternal cannot ever change or alter, because change implies temporality. transmission infers something coming from a source to a receiver. My own experience is of something that IS the source of everything happening and that is always just “there” – never altering, a constant presence.

    as for the other question – i think the first post in this series addresses this. Enlightenment for who, or what?

    What is so great about light anyway? The interior of the body is a dark place.

    Perhaps enlightenment is what happens to the body when the Soul enters all the way in. Embodiment is what happens to the Soul. I prefer the point of view of the Soul – it’s closer to what I experience, currently at least.

    Another point: enlightenment as a word has thousands of year of baggage or crust around it. Is it really worth trying to rescue it from that?

  3. Oh ok, I agree with you on the enlightenment word. I see the problems with using the term the transmission. But I still find it a bit better to understand right away compared to cheesecloth, do you have a better metaphor :)? Are we wrapped inside or outside the cheesecloth and so on. Metaphors are difficult!

  4. The transmission sounds way cooler, but it is in a sense not as unchangeable as cheesecloth. THe cheesecloth just underlies all reality.

  5. i am working on it – that’s what this series is

    and yes, i can’t see religious dogma forming around the word “cheesecloth.” Maybe in a Monty Python skit.

    “So if we’re the cheese, and, ah, life’s the cheesecloth, who’s the cheesemaker?”

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