What is Embodiment # 76: The Finger (Meta-Interlude, Two Posts for the Price of One)

embodiment 76

This morning I was taking a shit, using external pressure, thinking it would be better to let it come out naturally but too impatient to wait, and I wondered if my spiritual teacher ever forces his turds out.

These are the sorts of questions no grown man should have to ask himself.

At the three-quarter mark of this series, it’s time to take stock.

In the ancient Hebrew teachings, to name a thing was to have dominion over it.

Dave claims that the word “Transmission” is necessary. He says that we need a finger to show us the Moon.

I say, if you want to see the Moon, you don’t need someone to point at it—or stick a flag on it.

I am no longer allied with Dave, his group, or the “Enlightenment Transmission” as defined by anyone else.

I am allied only with my internal sense of what’s true and real.

Something has ended for something to begin. It’s not enlightenment, which has proven (once again) to be overrated.

What has ended is a form of dependency, for autonomy and self-reliance to begin.

Autonomy means taking responsibility for my own bowel movements. One turd at a time.

10 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 76: The Finger (Meta-Interlude, Two Posts for the Price of One)

  1. Great, Jasun.

    At first I was wondering if you had been writing these as you go or what, but then I saw it take slight turns and unfold organically. Very good!

  2. Your “own internal sense of what’s real and true” ?

    Really? Really really?

    Hard for me to comprehend. Perhaps autist-types can more naturally tune to that internal sense of what’s real and true at a time before each their own deep-elderhood. Right now, I can only rely on my external senses as reliable bio-feedback mechanisms to reflect back the unavoidable void-ness (for the time being) in parts of my internal landscape sensations/ visions. It’s not a problem for me (and won!t be) so long as tears are bursting forth from the sari-like fabric emerging from “spaced I’m’s” on fairly regular intervals from the effect of that void-ness on my NT sensings and NT longings. My feeling is that all NT -types simply have to wait until each their own deep elderhood until each can have his or her own internal sense of what’s real and true.

  3. I will occasionally be caught trying to be polite until I am in my deep elderhood, and and you caught me trying to be polite there, Jasun, when I said “My feeling …”

    It’s more than feeling if you are looking at the word “feeling” in terms of an internal sense. It’s my own self-created social-scale cosmology that I live inside of, and live out, based on the knowing of the “bio-feedback mechanisms” that I called the external senses. For NT folk , it is a game of the timing of biology. Can you (whoever you are) , as an NT adult, bear to live until your deep elderhood until you can have your own internal sense of what’s real and true?

    That “timing of biology” changes over different times / epochs. Perhaps a few thousand years ago NT men could have that internal sense of what’s real and true when they reached middle age or even younger, but today it is the case that we NT folk have to wait until deep elderhood (mid 80’s or so) for that internal sense due to the nature of this time where we are juggling quite a few more landscapes. Unfortunately most NT-types think that they firmly have that internal sense down pat way before it is the case for them, and so end up doing a lot more harm than if they knew that simply had to wait. They may have flashes of it but that is about it.

  4. It comes from an accident — accidentally throwing the right combination of things in the pot — that has given me not an internal sense of what is real and true but rather an internal sense of “something” that lives in confidence with me, and seemingly with confidence in me now that I have chosen to live inside of my self-made social-scale cosmology which easily interplays and interlocks with the other sound cosmologies out there.

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