What is Embodiment # 71: The Panacea of Purpose

embodiment 71

Every man knows in his heart that nothing is worth doing.[1]

Teaching enlightenment is like dancing about architecture. Is there anything less seemingly enlightened than a teacher of enlightenment?

Yet even a taste of it fills the cells with desire to share it. Purpose! What else is the enlightened to do than seek out people to share it with?

An enlightenment teacher is either one who has transcended the reality of futility, or one who has found a way to deny it—and now offers the panacea of purpose to others.

Only the enlightened can say which.

[1] G.K Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

11 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 71: The Panacea of Purpose

  1. Jasun – how about putting these into some sort of audio format? Would be happy to share a few $ tokens to hear these from your voice. The voice that hooked me through many warty storms. “Having Light we pass it on to others”

  2. id enjoy some audio lectures or talks… perhaps on enlightment and how it apply it in the modern world. always interested in stories of the buddhas and learning about the tao. listened to a few of the stormy weathers and read and watched some videos on your older blogs as well which were interesting and entertaining. related to a lot of the topics at the times. big fan of herman hesse, terence mckenna and philip k dick and authors and works along those lines as well.

  3. Sometimes I think people take your posts differently than maybe I take them. Like, I think audio gives a different glimpse into how you mean things perhaps.

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