What is Embodiment # 67: What’s Cooking?

embodiment 67

There’s a presence within you that has always been here and that will always exist.

You have only to place your attention there to feel it.

Presently it’s only a witness of your life.

Yet your Soul yearns to hand over the reins to that presence, and become witness to it. What wonders you will see on that day.

On that day, you will stop looking for ever tastier ingredients to add to the pot of your life and—jump in.

Then as well as serving the enlightenment transmission, the enlightenment transmission will be serving you.

One thought on “What is Embodiment # 67: What’s Cooking?

  1. “Let that which does not matter truly slide.” -Tyler Durden

    Unsavory ingredients for the soup, courtesy of Hollywood. The medium is the message.

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