What is Embodiment # 65: The “I Am”

embodiment 65

The only thing that’s real is that which perceives. What perceives can’t be perceived—the “I” can never see itself, what’s real can’t ever be known.

The act of perception requires no time, therefore is eternal. Only what’s perceived is temporal.

When perception identifies with what’s perceived, it imagines a perceiver, giving rise to “I am,” the so-called Godhead.

When perception becomes divided, the perceiver and the perceived (creator and creation) are “born.” It was meant to be a dance but turned out to be a war.

The goal of embodiment is to end the war, and keep the dance.

2 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 65: The “I Am”

  1. As far as I can tell we can’t know that perception happens to something or something perceives, that all we really know is that the appearance of something is happening, how the appearance is there is a mystery.

    What is perception, can it identify, what is identification – the thought ‘I’? A thought that somehow creates an uncomfortable feeling of limitation, which then sets up striving for relief or distraction.

    Every so often it seems clear that there is no evidence or need for there to be any I or self of any kind. Other times I want to try to invoke some presence, of a kind of higher self that is everywhere, other times I am so caught up in being an ego which seems absolutely real and full of problems.

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