What is Embodiment # 59: Belief

embodiment 59

We depend on beliefs because we’re unable to believe the one thing we know. The denial of our deaths creates a vacuum at our center that can only be filled by a million unfounded beliefs.

The true spiritual path goes—by the shortest possible route—directly towards that center. To arrive there, means to sever the head of every last belief and expose the core reality which we cannot live with yet cannot live without.

That the ultimate meaning of our lives is encapsulated by the fact of our deaths; and we are, like it or not, headed for eternity.

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 59: Belief

    • The image should answer that

      it’s not necessary to believe it but it is necessary to feel it. Oftimes I dont until after I’ve done the image, then it clicks into place

      or was that a rhe-t(o)rick-al question?

      On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 3:39 PM, Auticulture wrote:


  1. It was a sincere question.

    I think sometimes I believe something in the way you describe as a feeling or insight, then retain it mentally to use as a strategy to help in the spiritual search and that’s just a way that the mind is trying to be in control. I just get annoyed with the voice that’s trying to figure out models to live my life by, that thinks it can control my life, even the thoughts of pointing out it’s own futility to control is itself trying to control.

    Maybe the models it comes up with become more and more simple, the model says notice the mechanics of the model making, so there is a degree of freedom from that voice maybe.

    I like hearing about the enlightenment transmission, it reminds me a lot of reiki which is an energy I often come back to to snap out of the mind’s attempt to be in control, instead of using the wisdom of the intelligence of the body as an intuitive, or instinctive guide. . That presence within the body then seems incomparably wiser than any limited power and beliefs of the mind, being in touch with that energy ,makes me feel that all is being taken care of in a very harmonious way, like it is the glue orchestrating and holding everything together.

    Maybe there’s a gradual weaning off the addictive compulsion to think and then invest one’s energy in that thought, thereby converting it into belief that turns what had been innocent flowing wholeness into hard rules to live one’s life by.

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