What is Embodiment # 55: The Dead and the Half-Living

embodiment 55

Connecting to people is meaningless. There are no people, only bodies, and bodies come and go.

The only connection that lasts is connection between Souls.

What you are is infinitely more than this body, but it can be fully expressed through the body, if you make room for it.

When you die, you get to find out how big you are. Wouldn’t you rather find out before you die, while you still have a body to express that vastness?

The dead, as well as the living, are depending on you.

Embody now!

5 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 55: The Dead and the Half-Living

  1. Hi Jasun.

    I really enjoy your blog posts about the transmission and enlightenment. I have to confess that I’ve been reading them everyday for a while now. I think they go right to the point of the topic you choose that is related to enlightenment. It takes courage to go through the enlightenment process and helping others navigate their way into that is a beautiful task.


    • Thanks Elio – you are the first of Oshana participants to post at the blog, which i take as a significant development, especially timed with today’s historic online class – and my current number of followers! (see right side of main page)

      i was going to send you a link to thursday’s post since it was partly inspired by you, but then decided you could better find it on your own!

  2. My response from this post is a feeling of tension or anxiety, like a lot is riding upon me making (or failing to make) the right decisions. From my POV, the self constricts the valve between heaven and earth when there is a feeling of danger and tension and anxiety. It can only release its death grip and allow a natural flow when there is a feeling of safety and happiness and peace.

    The image that popped in my head is of a man who needs to do a fairly simple task, like send an email. A lot is riding on this email, perhaps sending it will keep him from getting evicted, but at the moment there is a big thunderstorm and the man’s cat is freaked out and clinging to him, its claws sunk deep in his back. Because of the pain he can’t concentrate on the task at hand, or anything else he needs to do. The only way he can get this damn cat off him is by making it feel that everything is ok. From the person’s perspective that might not be entirely true, he really needs to send this email or he’ll get evicted, but first he needs to convince the cat that everything is ok so that it will let go.

    It is ultimately my problem (and my responsibility) how I will respond to anything in my world, so I’m not debating or contesting anything you’ve said above. Just sharing my immediate response, maybe something good will come from it.

    It is always good to read your posts.

    • The cat analogy is apropos. As is the thunderstorm.

      I agree that externally applied pressure doesn’t always help the Soul’s expression to flow.

      But then the question may arise – is this external pressure?

      Another person may find the above post reassuring, perhaps.

      I was aware of a “darker’ tone to it than previous ones. But – c’est la mort.

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