What is Embodiment # 50: Whom Does the Enlightenment Transmission Serve?

embodiment 50

Q: Whom does the enlightenment transmission serve?

A: Whoever serves it.

Q: How do I serve the enlightenment transmission?

A: By letting it serve you.

Q: What does the enlightenment transmission want from me?

A: The enlightenment transmission doesn’t want anything from you. It needs you to give up everything that comes between you and your Soul’s expression.

Q: How do I do that?

A: Pray.

Q: Pray to what, and for what?

A: Pray to your Soul to hear you. Pray for the power to reach your Soul by prayer.

Q: What is prayer?

A: Undivided attention.

Q: How will I know if I’m heard?

A: By listening.

6 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 50: Whom Does the Enlightenment Transmission Serve?

  1. A word about these blog posts.

    When I started them, I was referring to notes taken on an Oshana retreat and to online class recordings from Dave. I was mostly paraphrasing but keeping close to the letter and spirit of DO’s teachings. About a week ago, I had an email exchange with Dave in which he questioned whether my repeating things he had said counted as things I had *learned.* I knew what he meant: in Dave’s view, learning entails bringing forth inner wisdom and knowledge, not receiving it from the outside.

    The exchange reminded me of my original intent with this blog series (inspired by a suggestion from Dave after the last retreat), which was to do exactly that: to direct my attention inward and see what insights came up in relation to Dave & the ET-eachings.

    Funnily enough, it was after post 43, the first direct Oshana quote, that I began to rely on direct inspiration rather than Dave’s teachings. I have been keeping the focus on Dave’s “enlightenment transmission,” even though I am not a hundred percent comfortable with referring to something I have such limited experience of. On the other hand, doing so has been a way to more openly serve the ET, and thereby come into a more intimate, trusting, relationship with it.

    I hope the posts themselves will successfully testify to that relationship.

    Meanwhile, your questions and comments are both welcome and encouraged.


  2. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point. I re-listened to the two Gefunden Trouve debates this week and interestingly found a lot of the questions and thoughts I had about these ET posts were discussed there. But here’s a couple of questions that weren’t;

    1. Is the daily format of the What is Embodiment posts purposefully mimicking the constant nature of the enlightenment transmission?
    2. If we consider our false identities, ego’s (or that which is not an expression of soul) as partly being formed by how we relate to our host reality, what happens to our relationship with reality if the soul becomes fully embodied?

  3. Thanks JP.

    1. Not consciously but perhaps it’s related. I see it as a daily discipline, in the nature of a devotional – like a hundred day prayer.

    2. It transforms. We relate more and more to reality as it is and not our own projections onto it or expectations of it. Moving forward from the past (and back from imaginary future) into the present.

    One likely delusion that can result from this is the belief that our reality is being transformed, as opposed to our relationship *with* reality. That reinforces the egoic belief that we are somehow doing something to or with reality (co-creating it, for example), which pulls us out of reality again, and back into the ego.

    Yet embodiment does allow the World Soul to be experienced by us, and so a real transformation occurs. The error, I think, is that it’s occurring outside of us, when in fact, there IS no outside, because the Soul, like God, is everywhere.

  4. 2. re: what happens to some guy’s relationship with reality if the soul becomes fully embodied by himself

    If he is living in 2014 on planet earth and is capable of reading this (and is indeed embodying “the soul”) he is Sorry / Sari … (a.k.a.) He repents actively and effortlessly whenever he’s in the middle of being a dick AND he does capably re-present the ancient seamless garment that beautifully wraps around a representative of the Feminine , whether that representative is a woman or/and the earth Herself.

  5. In other words, the only change in his relationship with reality is that he says or thinks “I’m sorry” or “I’m sari” quite a bit more than the guy who is not embodying the soul.

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