What is Embodiment # 45: The 1000 Eyes of the Body

embodiment 45

The Soul is an expression of pure awareness existing beyond space and time.

Awareness always perceives, and perception always increases awareness.

The goal of the Soul is to become fully embodied perception, immersed within the realm of the five senses. To perceive through the thousand eyes of the body, and experience spacetime from the inside as well as the outside.

It’s like a seed, going into the earth to take root, sprout, and eventually bear fruit.

That fruit is awareness of the eternal, within the temporal.

Before this can happen, the mind must first become aware of the Soul.

2 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 45: The 1000 Eyes of the Body

  1. Love this. It makes me feel better about being hyper-vigilant–as though one of the bits of damage done to me turned out to be an advantage in the long run. I wonder too if the problem at the root of some contemptuous skeptics’ denial isn’t linked to the ways they’ve shut down/reined-in their awareness. They’ve limited their perceptions in such a way that fear-based contempt is their knee-jerk response to any mention of the soul.

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