What is Embodiment # 34: A Hidden Face

embodiment 34

There are many different kinds of awakening. If your feet awaken you could become a fantastic footballer. If your head awakens, a great intellectual. Enlightenment is an awakening deep with your soul.

It is as if an energetic nuclear bomb were targeted to the center of your being.

Since the soul cannot be destroyed, however, the only thing that is destroyed is your ego.

There is a face hidden with inside a person’s face. There is a person inside, an energy body inside, a living person inside, and that face (the face of your soul) is normally never seen.

One thought on “What is Embodiment # 34: A Hidden Face

  1. This post brought to mind the Gospel of Thomas: “when you make an eye in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter the kingdom”

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