What is Embodiment # 28: The Mirror

embodiment 28

Becoming enlightened is a practical finder-seeker process. You need to become very aware of what’s going on inside. It is like separating the wheat from the chaff.

The Enlightenment Transmission is the key. It is a mirror which reflects your soul and allows you to see your true face. Because you are looking for it, it’s out there.

What drives every seeker is a desire, a hunger, for something that they cannot identify. The drive resolves itself and finds its target in that mirror: that thing that is watching you have your life.


One thought on “What is Embodiment # 28: The Mirror

  1. REACHING for the Enlightened Spot watch for the struggling emerging joys jangled in false sorrows, counter intuitive rhythms, fears, and false alarms. Aware of what is inside your whole System indeed is important. Aware of fluff, froth, and the fritter enables conscious deletion of detritus. Replaces junk, clears a path for easy entry of ET, Enlightenment Transmission, employing whatever method is used to mediate into the purer self. If it takes a drug to do it, harbinger perhaps of another problem, but get to IT. Remember, THAT which transmits soul stuff perpetually is stultified by waste pimpling hurdles and distracting bumps empty of value. Barriers, while IT, SPIRIT is actually trying to get over thru to us. Keep on denying the whole sum of spirit, ET, is the work of the d’vl so to speak. Obstinate full glory flourishing of a Soul smothered in double entendre.

    Side note: Empty words are less than adornment but Spirit’s clutter just the same. Likely delivered by somebody got too much time on their hands. Like me but not so saintly, even claiming the right to abitrate. Makers of spectrums in buyer taste and what is important in order to enjoy life and be Somebody. Commercials selling stuff not really needed but plapped on thick and sticky. Empty material for the mind is toys for the brain eh.

    Side note#2: Sweets demand or headaches the claim, mutate to survive. Sweet tooth integrity is any entity chemistry translation inside sweetening ITSELF, an element of nature ingredient, making up our own biochemistry. Naturally integrated, and insistent favoring sweetness. Aligned to itself for whatever reason bitter to sweet is. Without one can the other exist? Eck to vomit to delicious and bliss decides the result is contrast. Somewhat like a snarl is fallopian to shattered worlds of breathtaking smiles. Sweet thus contrasted must be in the dna of cosmos and as natural as sin. I’m sorry. What more can I say? Never knew how much you meant to me. Til I went away. I apologize, Bing Crosby suddenly popped to mind.

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