What is Embodiment # 20: Saving Seed

embodiment 20

Sex is not for condoms. Most people can’t receive the enlightenment transmission. It can only be passed to those who can receive it; this way it may still be around when we come back to the planet.

Whoever controls the supply of food, controls the people.

It may be that we’re here to save seed. Sometimes you can’t save the crop but you can save the seed.

This planet was seeded with souls.

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 20: Saving Seed

  1. Let me try to get this straight: ET, Enlightnment Transmission is within that space that we allow for, give ourselves the time to open to that space. That space in which our SPIRIT, Enlightenment Transmission ITSELF, there to be transmitted everywhere, is more free, due to personally giving some space for IT in order for IT to speak more closely to us. A space of Spirit entered consequent our making special room for it by spacing out, so to speak. However one faithfully follows a method to achieve that momentary near in bliss condition. Space far away from distractions of eveyday living, say. Spaced for moments from doing our chores in order to manage ourselves, survive, to fit in the community, move about as if we are normal like the rest. In the ET Space we have become and or becoming something else again Okay. Got it.

    Jasun you seem to say most people can’t even get to that point. They cannot for the life of them receive Enlightenment Transmission. Giving IT space is inconceivable to them. They don’t know what that is. I’m having some trouble with it myself. I presume our mind is enraptured with itself let loose to be itself for awhile. And therein is in which we should pay close attention to what IS. What IS happening coming down the clear headed pike that is enlightening. it would seem in that state we would become more in proclivity to see if not feel the Spirit answering to us our real intent each instant we receive ourselves. Oh! Oh! Oh I see! Why IT runs right thru me! But some folks got no chance of this. Oh, there, I see!!! They are wearing condoms? Other words, some kind of self imposed say, a protection over themselves. No chance ever of blossoming up that seed to all glory in it natural to Spirit beauty, gracefully fall petals, die into the root, but seed up again. (Sometimes I think Jasun is pranking us for his pleasure but so what? It’s fun) Those type ignorant folks can’t get it–no mean to cast aspersion, just that they are alien to receiving a seed that is evidently–they might think–alien to them. THEY protect themselves and cannot get it, the SEED of Spirit and ITS enlightenment; those poor folks can’t receive this Enlightenment. I am a little lost here frankly.

    Okay. Apparently right-off-the-bat folks are stupid up against the possibility of being true to theirself if they will only listen. But wait, the SEED of Englightenment, the SPIRIT, the look of SPIRIT is apparently to be more than just life itself. The energy is creation of it ALL and one might think THAT is enuf in itself, but . . . has a purpose other than simply ITSELF . . . and THAT is for us to reach and find what that is. Perhaps happening, in the last phase of SPIRIT becoming ALL of us if we will allow the true purpose of SPIRIT’S first intention, is see as itself as if it was an observing . . . ‘searcher’, maybe? Ooh. ITSELF see IT from the outside, pure to the point of not able to see ITSELF as such yet somehow seeing? Boy. Allow that to happen and we have received! You bet. And a little side perk is to be in control of food and everything because why not? After all it is as us too. Too own IT in all the pure intentions that fuel us ongoing is our right since it is being us in the first place, never to separate especially anyway. That is, If we are lucky enuf to be able to receive the ET and thus blossom up its SEED.

  2. Bill. These early posts (unless they are subtitled “meta-commentary”), up until I think around # 43, are drawn directly from interactions with Dave Oshana, this one from a retreat, notes taken thereon, so not-so-much-for-public-consumption teaching-stuff.

    You are reading these posts in a mysterious order, I think (seems you have commented on later ones too?); which is good, breaks up the sequence, as per your predilection for free-associative nonlinear delivery and in this case reception.

    But. Might increase your confusion. Which may be what you like. Or call FUN.

    No prank intended. Tho I may be the butt of it.


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