What is Embodiment # 18: Don’t Just Do Something . . .

embodiment 18

The spiritual path is a hollowing process. I am like a bamboo stick being turned into a flute. I am becoming an instrument.

That always felt like the supreme pressure, responsibility, challenge, but it’s actually the reverse. It’s no harder than being a reed, catching the wind.

All I have to do is stand here.

There is nothing that’s at stake because everything is being carried by the totality of everything. We are infants in a sand box.

Not even the sun can upset the balance of the All, and we are very far from being suns.

4 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 18: Don’t Just Do Something . . .

  1. What if we have been pronouncing “spiritual” incorrectly all this time? What if it was actually intended to be pronounced “Spy Ritual”? Would this not be getting us closer to the truth of what “spiritual” actually means?

    The soul is a spy so a guy must ever-make rituals, if he is in the game, that let the soul know that he is spying back . He must complete the “Spy Rite” and also must know that the Spy Rite is never completed while in the flesh … unless, perhaps, he gets well into his eighties or nineties.

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