4 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 17: Comfort Zones

  1. The Womb (Restriction) / Birth (Release) pattern is embedded everywhere in culture as a governing system of libidinal & spiritual will;

    The five day working week (Restriction) & the Weekend (Release).
    January to November (Restriction) & the Holiday period; Xmas & New Year (Release).
    Human history (Restriction) & End Times/Apocalypse (Release).
    The majority of the Bible (Restriction) & The Book of Revelations (Release).
    Intercourse (Restriction) & Orgasm (Release).
    Verse (Restriction) Chorus (Release)…

    The closer one is to the warmth of mainstream acceptance, the more one is obliged to perpetuate the patterns of Synchronized Homogeneous Emotional Output (S.H.E.O.)

    Does the Transmission emanate from a place beyond the Restriction/Release pattern?

  2. I am wary about defining “the Transmission.” It’s a name given to what comes from outside of the polarity matrix of spacetime but it’s not a thing, because if it were it would be immediately subject to the same conditions. The interface between infinite & eternal formlessness and finite temporal form, perhaps?

    May as well call it God’s grace. A place beyond space, Being nowhere, it is everywhere. It is what brings all things into form, but also breaks them down to create new forms. (Form/life is restriction; death is release?)

    First I have heard about SHEO….

  3. Restrict/Release: Stop and go eh. Before/After; there is, there isn’t. Input/output. fuel/exhaust. Perpetual motion (the universes) has no place for restrict/release except for the apparent swing one end to another beginning. Perhaps ALL is according the eye of the observer who sees, vanishes with death, does not see. Who is, who ain’t. Without one, the eye, you can’t have the other, the seen.

    Form is shape is that with borders. From infinite distance borders are inconspicuous but for the squinting eye arranging separation of apparent solids (let alone the between stuff that likely must be there for without IT there is no separation, heh, moreover ability to manifest ‘shift’ of solid ‘back’ to intangible energy sucking/spitting, radiating, heh. Black Hole?) again, arranging separation of apparent solids in order to define apparent particles which decidedly DO make up our practical worlds. Otherwise, what is the use of the ‘eye’ but to be itself an object to be seen without being seen or seeing. Thus as useless as movement itself being perhaps CAUSE of IT, on the other hand, not be CAUSE of IT, just IT. AS IS. But forever to be separated by science and metaphysics in order to put back together that which separated from ITSELF the whole of parts of the whole whole in parts parts in the first and last place. Eh? Right. But in order to explain the unexplainable of entity that is itself dubious as a separate thing except for the eye of our language, then we begin to define.

    TRANMISSION, a connecting movement of some sort, which I have not yet read about here, but from the following then makes a sense to me, as “interface . . . between infinite & eternal formlessness and finite temporal form”. Seems plausible as a label for a connection to explain the actuality of behaviour as is and presumed.

  4. I think wanting to be out of our current reality is part of our nature. Now it happens with technology, our mind loves to be in another reality so we get numbed by tv, smarthphones, or even books. I don’t understand why people doesn’t like to live their lifes and insist on living inside other things. Well, that said… what if we have done this several times? lets think that in 200 years or in 20 years or whatever, there is a way to “download” our conscience into some kind of computer. We could think that “inside” the computer we wont feel pain and we could live forever… Until we miss to have a body and a life and then we would think “how great will it be to have a body to feel something, lets get out of here”. What if we live in a vicious cycle of wanting something “more significant” instead of enjoying the life we have?

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