Embodiment # 16: Life During Wartime (Meta-Commentary 3)

embodiment 16

Rest and comfort are luxuries that do not befit a soldier on a battlefield.

I do have some say in this. Or do I?

How many soldiers would have volunteered if they’d known what it was going to be like? How many didn’t desert because they felt like they would have been cowards (in their own eyes) to do so?

At the end of the day, all we are talking about is discomfort. Everything that lives shies away from it. Yet nothing new is ever done without it.

4 thoughts on “Embodiment # 16: Life During Wartime (Meta-Commentary 3)

  1. Is it necessarily true that every living thing shies away from discomfort? That hasn’t been my observation – I think it might be a uniquely human trait, and the result of a deterioration of something within us.

    I’m hugely appreciating these recent writings of yours, by the way. They’ve been randomly interrupting the ordinary flow of my day, in positive way.

  2. Always glad to hear from you Brandon. A hunting predator waiting for hours in the cold isn’t shying away from discomfort – but I suspect it’s not discomfort for them. I am thinking now of the phrase “creature comforts.” Bodies seek warmth.

  3. Well, I disagree with you once again.. Sorry for not being “nice”

    I was taught that the true method is always effortless – no strain..

    If you consider people lazy by nature – as I interpret some of what I’ve read, by you, to say – correct me if I’m wrong; then of course, overcoming inertia is a big hurdle.. But the validity of that POV depends on that assumption. I assume healthy people will not feel inertia , except if they are doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

    If you accept “You am Divine” “I am the Self” ” I am pure consciousness” then suffering is not a underlying stratum [as it is in the philosophy of Gautama the Buddha] but is just a glitch in the drama , which will self – correct, since we are in fact divine by nature.

    I don’t feel those fighting in the military – especially now – are achieving anything.. Yah, and it’s Propaganda which make them feel “ashamed” to be both “well” and “good” – by just refusing to be “nice guys” and doing what they are told..

    And yes, it may be uncomfortable for some to stand-up for what is right.. That’s why people mostly never do it,, ignore the “elephant in the living room:” and get marched to slaughter on regular occasions.

    Every situation is different but “Yet nothing new is ever done without [discomfort].” is only true if you feel discomfort to tell authority figures or friends to “kiss my ass,” if they don’t like it when you decide to step out of line. Or if you are in the burning stages of Sadhana.. Which is discomfort / work , but in a good way.. (The “shakti” / divine energy is all – intelligent. It’s like burnishing, the fire creates a shine.)

    But all these are special cases.. There is nothing essential about discomfort..

    In my tradition the aphorism in play for this conversation is “There is no purpose to suffering”

    Discomfort is said to be caused by a shortage of divine energy.. a poverty of “shakti” There’s nothing intrinsic or noble about it, it’s a lack.

    I know the Guru I used to live next door to used to torture people under cover of “it’s good for their ego” – like she was doing them a favor.. lol. And that she was uplifting them spiritual (Reality is : it was S & M, which is cool too.. But don’t pretend it’s “spiritual” or that it will actually advance anyone.) If they weren’t sheep , they wouldn’t be shorn.. I got out of that hell.

  4. A lot of new things are created out of joy and pleasure… for instance a new life – a baby. Right, the taking care of it , is a lot of work.. No doubt.. But that can bring pleasure too, rather than discomfort.

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