What is Embodiment # 14: Soul Groups

embodiment 14

A Soul Group is one Body made up of many souls.

Its members are all connected and work together, often without physically meeting.

Since we have forgotten our Soul Group, however, we may need to see it in action with our conscious minds, to take it out of the realm of fantasy and into reality.

When all of the parts (souls) work for the one Body, then you have your mission.

This doesn’t happen via the personality.

5 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 14: Soul Groups

  1. I first read about the idea of soul groups in The Celestine Prophecy, the idea of several souls playing differing key roles through different incarnations. Your grandfather could end up being your son in your next life, a friend could become your mother… etc

    I’m more interested in the idea of soul groups relating to a reality co-creation perspective. The idea that individual souls, radiating their own perceptions and experiences of being, are imbuing consensus reality with multi-dimensionality via overlapping layers of soul emanation. I comprehend it visually as souls being nodes in a geodesic bubble, acting as a kind of skin or roof on reality.

    As an obscure, fictional illustration; perhaps there is a blind old lady somewhere on the planet, who through having lucid and isolated experiences of spatial awareness, is somehow providing an esoteric but important practical function by strongly informing the spatial awareness aspect of our reality bubble. We tend to not pay much attention to certain members of our soul group, our libidinal/emotional/ego bias drawing us to acknowledge and connect with souls related to the soap-opera aspect of our life experience (families, lovers, enemies etc.) Maybe that’s a contributing factor towards why we have the phenomenon of lost souls and ghosts hovering on the fringes, unacknowledged and deprived of purpose in consensus reality.

    Mainstream culture’s primary unifying esoteric catchphrase is – We are all one.
    Would a more accurate version be – We are a union of diverse parts?
    Perhaps this is still a simplified version of something that’s likely to be a lot more organic and chaotic in actuality. To the extent our abilities to comprehend are informed by the levels of complexity we’re equipped to engage with, would a more emotionally/spiritually or intellectually complex outlook lead to a more numerous, diverse and healthy soul group configuration to connect with?

    For all of the parts (souls) to work for the one Body do we need to know all of the parts?

  2. Mr Panda. Brilliant of course, your deducing souls as diverse parts finding each other related and then interface, advancing each other along, more better than before with this new soul connecting informaton. Across to a finish line, ending up and out the whole body eh. Let’s just say, make one empty body/soul whole. Becoming thus what we are already I suggest: If we believe we are here, pinch me, and no questions asked about that. We are and we is. Showing off our results instantly. We are the same as the whole but in parts all over the place yet looking like to some a whole thing unto itself, if you know what I mean. The big picture view for a big, big perspective. Some unthing got no eye for trivia. But keeping things going to perpetuity, we have no choice. Discover and completing who we are seems almost fuei to live seems to me. So we keep trying to define ourselves; it’s the thing to do, built in. The puzzle is us after all. But who else would bother? An ear of a unicorn?

    Constantly at odds we are with our ends which we can’t know, the end, even as it happens, since when the end happens we ended already and so how can we know? All this wondering for nothing. Ending, in my mind, is the beginning of the end having tendency to circle around, eat itself alive. Hello?

    So, but there we are. Here in a spin eh. Constantly defining particles of mystery anyway, makes us up to go where? Gasping for air manifest in highest troot that is nowhere but AS IS, breathe, take a deep breath. But prepared now, matured to cosmic understanding size, we enter a kingdom of the last answer. Who go there? Identify! Label from what credible extraction? Method? Steps, 1, 2, three, explain logically ourselves to we ourselves. Founded truth we resort to and whatever it is becomes our guide to truth. All that is our password? To . . . enlightenment, not to get off the subject even for a bit. Yes, all that is blueprint that defines this puzzle. But is it not a tower of babel of reasoning, swarming with real thinking persons, granted, but condition biased so much that human between a rock nuance is angled altogether out. Figuring out one final language only to define ourselves lastly, as we may well display the answer in front of our face? Big job, but somebody has got to do it.

  3. The way I see it, souls are like bullets shooting through this realm at various speeds, to various destinations. If the mind/ego has minimal effect on the process of dimensional ascent, why bother? Well, if being is connected to soul and being can inhabit the framework, geometry and dimensional resonance of the spaces carved out by the intellect, perhaps in the ascendance process the mind/ego can transform into a higher organic communicative technology of sorts, a dynamic shell casing for the soul bullet. Whomever asks can receive an answer broadcast on several frequencies, “I am this, I come from there, I was connected to that, I am equipped to travel there, there and there. How are you?”

    There may be many ways to go; naked, without language, alone or with unseen links to other beings, with or without baggage or memory of the earthly realm, what’s worth keeping? Multiple choice may not always be an illusion. Predetermination? Choose your predetermined path or the amount of creative interaction you want, you’re the bullet, aim yourself. What’s your navigation system like? Capable of overriding short-sighted libidinal will? Might be worth keeping.

    Regarding enlightenment, the wariness of ego and rational mind espoused in a lot of new age culture is justified to the extent that many ego’s/minds are aligned with the short term, buy-now-pay-later philosophy inherent to the current system. But, if one’s ego/mind is open to the mysterious ascendant trajectory of the higher will (or the exit point of ones soul bullet), the ego/mind can become very helpful indeed. On my travels I’ve had varying levels of experience with different flavors of enlightenment (or dipped my toes in the waters anyway) the holy version, sensory bliss, galactic mind reconciliation, big picture epiphany etc. Any one of these, in the moment of now, can feel like a transcendent end point, but the appropriate mind can contextualize the experience. i.e.- Oceanic consciousness to the limits of my experience, is a blissful short-term destination, but I wonder if its also a bit of a recycling zone long term, in which case going through the whole earthly process/cycle again (without memories of prior journeys) might be a prerequisite. Though I have limited data on the matter, that I can’t dismiss the possibility outright gives some justification to hanging on to the better parts of the ego/mind.

  4. When I write ego/mind, sometimes I do so with an invisible and/or, though they can be synonymous. They both get presented as things to be circumnavigated, transcended, “Turn off your Mind”, “Let go of your ego”.

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