What is Embodiment # 12: Complaints to Heaven

The soul is pure function. It does not know pity (self- or otherwise). It only knows how to get things done.

The ego doesn’t have a vote. It can send complaints to Heaven, but it will not receive an answer.

This is because the part of you that complains does not exist.

embodiment 12

9 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 12: Complaints to Heaven

  1. This really needs expanding upon to give it meaning – if meaning is what you mean to convey. ❓

    I say this because words such as ‘soul’, ‘ego’, ‘self’ and ‘heaven’ are for most people amorphous abstractions which remain open to a multiplicity of interpretations when they reflect further upon them. Even in those who hold a definitive conception it is often particular to them as an individual.

    • I’m not ‘after’ anything Jasun; I’m just curious as to what you’re getting at – presumably you had some ‘interpretation’ of your own in using these words? Or might you substitute ‘cabbage’ (or whatever), for ‘ego’, and so forth?

      And anyway, my karma ran over my dogma years ago. 😉

  2. In this case (tho not all), the words are transcribed from a meeting with Dave, not quite verbatim but close enough. So you will have to ask Dave. All I could give you would be MY interpretation.

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