What is Embodiment # 9: Engagement

embodiment 9

Doing one’s mission is not about finding out what the enlightenment transmission (Spirit) has ordained for us to do and doing it. It’s not about doing any particular thing. It’s about finding whatever it is that fully engages us in the present moment and doing it.

Engagement creates a space, a mood, for the E.T. Spirit to move into and through.

There is nothing to do except for fully engaging with life. The rest is done through us, as a result of that engagement.

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 9: Engagement

  1. Nicely put Jasun; I should say. And just did by golly. But seriously. Other than a little dispute over “mission” as necessary to move into be what we would be if we were ourslves, according to our “mission”, that bothers me a bit. Doing mission is search could be an impediment to what we are even starting out. If one wanted to make some kind of a point about it. Apparently I do. Mission with a search going on smacks to me of, if you have to look, why bother, you won’t know when you find it. Back home again, so to speak. Thinking now of trumpeteer Louis Armstrong and his answer to the seeker asking what is jazz? “If you have to ask you won’t know it.” But nicely said and all true far as my look at such things as outlined in EMBODMENT9: Engagement. Danger could be though that “mission” has anything at all to do with finding ourselves as we are in the first place. In “mission” we are agitated right at the start.

    Going thru the changes we bring upon ourselves consequent the natural and inevitable growing ‘up’ that is attsched to the accoutrements of knowledge we install into our very being along the course of our moment to moment Journey, thus brings upon us the question and answer, we should be headed elsewhere because surely it isn’t where we are. Yet each moment ‘being’ is the truth of ourselves as ever we be, most likely. Which is where are be at the moment, right now, going thru our changes, look! Somehat each truth as IT IS then but not now is not the same as it will be. Ugly or most beautiful thing we can be. Either way, ugly or beautiful it is mostly in the interpretation of cause and effect as considerate of anything but it’s flow to keep IT going, whatever. Cause and the effect repeats back giving a ‘new’ head to itself. It is the FLOW, energy, The WhatEver IS IS and forgive me for having to settle on a word in order to keep going but this electrifies us awake and dying at the same time and not even knowing it. Talk about a condition to think about! Except now and again maybe that aspect of meaningful existence is almost too much to bear. Give me strength! The secret here to being ME as determined by the mind of the pure universe impugning my purpose to myself if only, that is asking a lot I think. And that’s my problem maybe. Far as ever having a chance to be really me according the impulse to think about it ALL over again, given by God bad karma. My, oh my. And a rather dirty trick to pull on us in the first place. A prankster is on the loose.

    Creating a space so that enlightment (ET) Enlightenment Transmission can have a chance to work, betcha. 100% with you. The Spirit moves thru you/me and accept that. Answering any question about to be or not to be are in the self-given space. Spend some time in it, you got plenty time and space now, looking for to be that which we are meant to be. ForeOrdained by the transmission of free Spirit to be. And it must be in transmission. Otherwise we are lost

    Engage with and in life eh, and see, be who we really be. Absolutely. Nice.

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