What is Embodiment # 7: A New Language

embodiment 7

The other life is another dimension. Our job is to bring that dimension down here and into this one.

Until we awaken, we are like someone in a coma whose body moves while they are dreaming. Small movements in the body are indications of that other life, trying to come through into this one. A parallel life.

As long as the ego is living through the body, the soul cannot enter. The soul has to send out signals, like Morse code, to the body.

To decipher the signal, we need to develop a new language for the mind.

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 7: A New Language

  1. What if you knew the language? I like the correspondence principle (“as above so below, as below so above”). So I can imagine that if we created so many languages to build things and our language is what creates reality, we were also created in some language. Someone’s expression of a tought made us real, as when I make a program in my computer something happens (Im a computer programmer by the way). If we were created in some language, we could be modified and upgraded (or get obsolete or attacket by a virus). I think some culture’s prayers or mantras is a way of “talking” in our original language (or some kind of interface to it)

  2. Embodiment. (noun a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling : she seemed to be a living embodiment of vitality.
    • the representation or expression of something in such a form : it was in Germany alone that his hope seemed capable of embodiment) Without knowing from reading the sequence on EMBODIMENT what precisely is the issue I am presuming focus is on forces that make us up, what we are, far as influences. In this case primarily language and its impact shaping us thinking and thus reacting as we do. Removing us perhaps in the long term consequent words misused, misunderstood, twisted away for personal enhancement from original clarity tested from on the ground observations. Piling on more likewise dubious words of meaning, receding us further from the core truth of our real cosmic purpose, heh. Regarding the genuine to our, forgive me, God given beauty. Heh. As if the unfolding itself of us and what we interpret is not the natural course of things. Regardless that truth is evaluated right or wrong according to what we ‘see’ of world/cosmos around us, its manifestation. Which determines our own morality, according to our imposed language explaining our feelings and needs.

    Language surely creates us as far as our defining ourselves to ourselves. Aside our interior experience and subsequent evaluation, speech is mostly what we have to tell us person to person who we are. This labeling spreads as truth, person to person to person. That means of defining, talk, defines us according to perceptions interpreted, however factual or near fact according to whatever blueprint scale we build to measure and announce the weight and structure of our truth of being. This analysis provides us our reason to be or what we are is. So some faulty interpretation applied defines us not as we really are according to say an outside and altogether objective observer, heh, making a claim that we are not at all living up to our potential to be that which is true to the intent of the cosmos initial intent. Figure that one out eh. Apparently that is what we are about though. Figuring out what we call the meaning of life in the scheme of a banged out of nothing universe existence. Which by some standards is to be pure to a . . . form determined to be what? Solidly pure to the Spirit of it all? Oh, oh. Pure to an essence that ends perhaps as frustrating as it begins, a moving quo oblivion, but which is the ‘enlightened’ universs perhaps already enlightened AS IS. As it is true to that moment in time and space, which is true to that instant of existence, heh. But of course what I am saying be as much gibberish as any language is to explain not only what language evolves from, our biases, and that which is us channeling ourselves to develop an articulation. As if we are attached to universal answers and we must or surely can communicate that which we receive our messages from. Which, getting direct ‘word’ from the source, should result in telling us who we are, or what we can escape from, etcetera. Language cannot be anything other than our own invention gving us facility to talk to ourselves about what in the world is going on. Interpreting the apparent goings-on thru the invention of words which come from our own issue, and yes, moreover, even before us, facility ‘given’ to us by that which makes us up with this facility to make sense of us.

    “I think some culture’s prayers or mantras is a way of “talking” in our original language (or some kind of interface to it)” as PAM says seems likely. Sort of, or nearer to grunts, bellows, cries, gut feeling reaching out spontaneously to the The Great Beyond from which we spring. That primordial gurgitation getting us as close to our ”animal and thus ‘unpurpose’ perhaps other than we be here, so be IT, AS IS, since animals are generally accorded no faclity for prescience other than for protection. So Om and chant could well be a rhythm chord strung up to our root universe music.

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