One thought on “What is Embodiment # 6: Awakening

  1. ‘Awakening always happening’ (moreover knowing it is the trick) could be the preciousnous of life in each moment revealing itself elaborately in all directions at once even though most of the time these moments seem so routine. So that how possibly can an ordinary mortal appreciate each difference that might expose, in the compass of ‘understanding’ all land is ho! Each degree of total comprehension, aware of each element or elements of that which is ‘new’? Advancing say and expanding the mind into the last realm of unfelt, emotionless bliss, a nirvana of final resort is no stop at all. Where same is the difference bundled together separate. This according to the physics law of snowflake that nothing remains the same from instant to instant, melting from the moment it starts.

    Impossible that which is going on, to see in all it’s enlightening pre-ambulatory, arousing ongoing perpetual motion explosions/implosions. Not in no ordinary day can we be all at once in that which seems the same old story, repeating. To experience such an awakening of starting and ending force in each moment dawn to dawn would take a shattering of brain circuits connecting ourselves to the necessary mechanics that order us ‘robotically’ just to function wouldn’t it? Joining us to the energy of all manifest in each moment. Huh? Sure.

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