What is Embodiment # 4: The Shoe That Never Fits

embodiment 4

The spiritual seeker is constantly dividing experience between good and bad, trying to determine in every moment which side he is on.

Becoming a spiritual person is very dangerous. The false self is like a shoe that never fits. Becoming spiritual is polishing that shoe and adding endless adornments.

The spiritual path is not about gaining but about losing. The more we have, the more we have to lose, the poorer we are.

All our possessions (including spiritual knowledge) are investments of, by, and in, the false identity.

What if true spirituality is nothing else but destruction?

3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment # 4: The Shoe That Never Fits

  1. To destroy something you have to have something, to start, to destroy..

    The POV you present appears like a mind-game to me.

    If your body’s prana isn’t still ,, your mind will be restless and will torture you.(. I look at it as a health issue.)

    Tricky to get the prana still – there are many factors.. Some , I understand , are karmic..Some , is practice.. Maybe food too? Environment.. ? Dunno..

    Maybe you just need to torture yourself for a while ( to burn some karmas? )- then your prana / mind will get still and stop torturing you?

    I know it’s a tricky thing.. not “willpower”

    And when the health goes, it’s very difficult to know, anything, that can bring it back.. You can set the stage – but then, the natural healing power of the body, either does it, goes back to balance.. Or does not.

    I felt really restless and tortured for 3 days or so.. All the time witnessing and wondering why it was happening, and if or when it would lift. …. then it just did. . . . . I look at it as total luck / grace. And don’t take it personally – as something I necessarily have control over.

    You’re initial premise / phrase at the start “The spiritual seeker is constantly dividing experience between good and bad, trying to determine in every moment which side he is on.”

    is unproven (to me).. But I also believe it is [itself] false.. I don’t agree with your premise… And the lines which follow, I won’t even go into – since I know it’s not appreciated… lol …

    My oracle premise for the moment is:

    “The world is full of pots jeering at kettles”

  2. “The spiritual seeker is constantly dividing experience between good and bad, trying to determine in every moment which side he is on.”

    Dividing moments to moments into good and bad is autonomous, rather–not that autonomous won’t work either–automatic like peristalsis, is it not? Move it along, keep it going and going. The act of life consists in degree of good and bad, order/chaos, rejuvenation, destruction, birth/death. Both sides of the coin of existence as perceived by the prehensile brain. The type brain that can make tools to outreach itself and thus reach final glory, understanding that we live to search to join ourself to mystery that is without brain as we know it.

    Ugly thoughts can lead out of its mire into pretty thoughts to achieve an ‘at ease’ if one is at one with the ‘normal’ attitude of continuing on as being most desirable. Accepting division as accountable to the perpetuity of life, one separate side activates the other ‘apparent’ different side, maybe is the simple mechanics push/pull perpetual motion machine at work in order to know itself either as or but definitely ongoing.

    I presume the only difference that counts in the end is, is there pain or not. Perceved and or real. Experiencing and living will disjoint feeling good about onself, connections are apparently broke, yet remaining still a part of the dis-ease, is perhaps the due in order to continue to live off the conflict which is apparently the order of things. Until the pain of ugly and psyche hurts shifts and transfigures in order to return to a balance in the between, to the calm of status quo, before another disruption occurs to give cause, to reactivate abrasive movement startling life to adjust from the ‘abnormal’ of ugly to the ‘normal’ of peace and beauty again. Over again.

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