3 thoughts on “What is Embodiment? # 2: The Enlightenment Secret

  1. Oh, boy, here we go again: Enlightenment. I forgot my conculsion made a long series on Elightenments ago about what Enlightenment is or isn’t. Now I got to think. Knowing me and my idea that originally we had it, that we were automatically enlightened like nobody’s business, thus and so it is still there, just lost. But we abandoned it as we accumulated all learned things and experience that makeups ourselves as overtly ego. Something like that. Thus being Enlightened is seeing and feeling and being as if we aren’t even here. Rather there where we was when we didn’t know no better.

    Seriously, after all, does attainment of itself itself mirror itself to figure out and understand what it is seeing, or rather since IT just IS, has no eyes, no guts, no facility for analysis since it is simply, before even first cause, IS. Even maybe before Energy. That sort of thing. So it is without judgement, absolute Enlightenment, since IT IS okay or not from any angle of creation, simply to be IS. And That IS but for the disparate spectrums of cosmos materials allowed by this grand idea is pure to energy that structures a definition. That IS enuf in itsef to have something that is ALTOGETHER to talk about. Defining anything much at all. So regards that and Englightenment as Secret, you betcha. How can we KNOW while we are the transformative IT becoming something else again? That sort of preciousness is a private membership thing. Know what I mean? Sure. Where the elite meet. Remember, before a shape shifts it first must decide to exist.

    Now that part about if you want Enlightenment you have to steal it, meaning grab it from possession from something or maybe steal from a superior neighbor doesn’t deserve it next door because you don’t have it yourself, I presume, is an interesting suggestion. Perhaps it makes sense to me, claiming as I do that we already got it, ENLIGHTENMENT but it is lost, so that it could mean stealing it back from yourself who keeps it, Enlightenment smothered likely for very practical reasons. For one thing, stopping existentialism from getting too firm a hold. Before we go absolutely wild and become what we really are, incorrigible absolutely, nasty in too many cases, and then who will slave for anyone but themself from then on? What kind of Enlightenment is that? Collapse of the lie may suffer truth short term to be worse. Don’t mean to get socratic but a free unemcumbered person, reminds me, isn’t that like a wise person knowing no matter what, he or she isn’t? Or am I thinking of a song? Is you is or is you ain’t?

  2. Glad to hear you IS thinking about it.

    Yes steal it from ourselves. Spiritual teacher is one whom we give permission to give us permission to be what we are.

    They must be “removed” (their enlightenment stolen) for the permission to come direct from soul to self.

    Or something like this.

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