6 thoughts on “Seen & Not Seen

    • From copy I wrote for the book a few months back:

      My earliest memory of my mother is of watching a movie together. What does that say about my childhood? From as early as I can remember, movies and pop culture shaped me. They provided a second womb for self-awareness to grow in. I mixed elements from pop culture up with direct experiences in order to make existence more manageable. Only now I can’t tell real memories from those cultural implants. How do I separate what’s behind the screen from what’s on the screen?

      Blending confessional criticism and cultural autobiography, Confessions of a Movie Autist [now Seen & Not Seen]
      explores the power of movies and pop culture to both make sense out of life and hijack deeper meanings. Evoking the author’s ongoing spiritual identity crisis, his sexual neuroses, fear of success, unresolved childhood traumas, and ongoing existential despair, the book dives off the deep end of cultural inquiry and enters wholly undiscovered country.

      Popular culture mirrors the human soul and it can’t lie about the state it is in—which is what makes it an essential guide on the quest for self-knowledge. Confessions of a Movie Autist is a series of autobiographical explorations which slowly uncover the author’s secret life to himself. Revisiting his former writings on film and deconstructing old texts, the author engages in a literary dialogue with his past as he struggles to bust open his fantasy life and reach the truth behind it. Moving into and through the cultural, social and political dimensions of movies, Confessions of a Movie Autist maps previously undiscovered psychological and spiritual realms of the movie-going experience.

  1. Overturning a rock is apt to reveal a rattlesnake.

    It’ll be interesting to see what conclusions you come to with your relationship with pop culture.

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