The Universality of Incest/Child Abuse (Some Deep Background)

As an interlude before posting the final part of the current series, here’s something to mull over:

by Lloyd DeMause

The Journal of Psychohistory, Fall 1991, Vol. 19, No. 2

Two kinds of incest will be considered: direct incest, overt sexual activity between family members other than spouses; and indirect incest, the providing of children by their parents to others in order for them to be sexually molested.

There are two reasons why I believe indirect incest must be included in any definition of incestuous activity. First of all, arranging for children to have sex with other household members or neighbors is usually motivated by the incestuous wishes of the parent; and, in any case, it is usually perceived by the child to be similar to direct incest. Secondly, clinical studies show that contemporary sexual abuse usually involves a parent or guardian, who, if not the direct perpetrator, covertly brings about the incident in order to satisfy their own incestuous wishes.(15)


In determining the actual incidence of childhood sexual abuse in modern societies, the main problem is that one must rely upon witnesses who have enormous emotional difficulties in reporting what they find — far more so than with any other psychohistorical subject I have encountered.

For one thing, most writers on the subject have themselves usually been advocates of pedophilia. Ever since the early studies of such sexologists as Symonds and Eglinton,(37) most writing on incest has been by scholars hoping to justify sexual relations with children by showing how widespread the practice has been. Many openly state, as do Allen Edwardes and R. E. L. Masters, that “there is no shame in being a … pederast or a rapist if one is satisfied,” (38) or claim that incest can be a positive, healthy experience,” as does social worker LeRoy Schultz, who writes extensively on childhood sexuality. (39) Even Kinsey wrote: “It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched,” (40) while his coauthor in the Kinsey studies, Wardell Pomeroy, wrote that “incest between adults and younger children can … be a satisfying and enriching experience …”(41)

One must use the research of such scholars with extreme caution, since their main motive is to deny the coercion involved when adults seduce lonely, unloved children. Yet the task of digging through the truly staggering amount of literature on sexuality in past and present societies (42) (there are over sixty journals alone with regular articles on the subject) is so overwhelming that, in order to locate the rare primary sources that are available, the researcher cannot avoid consulting the life work of pedophilia advocates.
Therefore, the best estimates for memories of childhood sexual abuse we now have for the United States are 40 percent for girls and 30 percent for boys, almost half directly incestuous for girls and about a quarter directly incestuous for boys. (51)

Yet even these astonishingly high figures are only a portion of the hidden true incidence rates. Four additional factors raise the actual rates even higher:

The groups interviewed do not include many people in the American population who have far higher than average sexual molestation experiences, including institutionalized criminals, prostitutes, juveniles in shelters and psychotics (52), the studies only count admissions to the interviewer of abuse, and it is unlikely that no conscious memories were ever suppressed during the interviews, a large percent of each study refused to be interviewed, and these may have been the most victimized of all,(53) and most importantly, these studies include only clear conscious memories of events — unconscious memories, which are usually only uncovered during psychotherapy, would increase these rates.

It is possible to correct the incidence rates statistically for these factors, Although only 11 percent of Russell’s respondents recalled being victimized before the age of five, another study shows the most common age of sexual abuse reported to authorities is four years, while other studies report that from 21 to 50 percent of reported sexual abuse victims involve children under five.(54) Since few people consciously recall traumatic events of any kind before the age of five, and since the graph for sexual abuse distribution by age runs roughly level from ages two to sixteen,(55) the incidence figures stated above should be increased by at least an additional 50 percent(56) to account for these three factors, Therefore, the corrected incidence rates are at least 60 percent for Girls and 45 percent for boys. Until someone is courageous enough to directly question the children themselves whether they have been molested — a simple procedure that has never been done in any published study to date — 60 and 45 percent should be considered as the most reliable national incidence rates we now have available for the U.S.

These reports of childhood seduction are considered by researchers to be real memories, not fantasies. Not only do most researchers conclude, like Russell, that “underdisclosure was a significant problem … not fabrication of experiences,” (57) but another study of 53 women that attempted to independently confirm memories of childhood incest found 74 percent could be positively confirmed plus another 9 percent indirectly supported, while none were discovered to be just fantasies.(58)

The best evidence for the cause of pedophilia is provided by the clinical reports of the psychotherapists who have written extensively on the subject.(74) The pedophile, similar to other perverts, suffers from severe lack of love and fears of individuation in his or her early childhood, and both desires and dreads merging with the mother because of an enormous need to reinstate mother-child unity. Earlier childhood abuse of pedophiles is commonly found. As an adult, the pedophile must have sex with children in order to maintain the illusion of being loved, while at the same time dominating the children as they themselves once experienced domination, repeating actively their own caretaker’s sadism. The pedophile uses the child as a breast-substitute, both in the sense of using him or her for gratification and also as an object for sadistic aggression.

The pedophile’s sexual activity is extraordinarily compulsive because it wards off recurring feelings of fragmentation, depression and death. This helps explain why the pedophile’s sexual targets are so interchangeable and why an active pedophile often seduces hundreds of children in his or her life. The seduction of children is a desperate defense against fears of personal disintegration. It should not be thought of — as it usually is by historians and anthropologists — as “an outbreak of instinctual sexuality.” or as being due to “a lack of impulse controls” or “a weak superego.” Adults who molest children have extremely powerful punitive superegos and are often highly religious. They are driven to their acts not by their sexual instincts but by their overwhelming intrapsychic anxieties. Given the seriousness of the perversion, it is not surprising that successful therapeutic methods have only recently become available.(75)

The time when one could deny that sexual seduction is extremely traumatic for children appears to have ended. The more studies that come out on the effects of childhood sexual abuse, the more severe the damage is found to be. The flood of books and articles documenting the emotional problems of victims both in childhood and in later life has to be read in detail to appreciate the profound sense of betrayal and the terrifying fears felt by the child, so that even single incidents have the power to permanently ravage their lives. Severe somatic reactions, depersonalization, self-hatred, hysterical seizures, depression, borderline personality formation, promiscuity, sexual dysfunctions, suicide, self-mutilation, night terrors and flashbacks, multiple personalities, post-traumatic stress disorders, delinquency, bulimia, and the overall stunting of feelings and capacities have all been documented — the earlier and the more often the abuse, the worse the damage.(76)

Full article, with references, here.

A partial list of pro-pedophile organizations and publications:

AMG – Athletic Model Guild (USA)

Acolyte Press (frank torey) (Amsterdam)

A.M.b.L.A – (Australia) Australian Man boy Love Association


A.P.S.G – (Australia) Australia Paedophile Support Group. Founded in 1980 or 1983 according to other sources. It was succeeded by the Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters (BLAZE), another group dismantled by police.

Azoz Films (Canada)

Boy Lovers (Australia / New Zealand)



CRIES (Belgium) Centre de Recherche et d’Information sur l’Enfance et la Sexualité (CRIES), 1982-1986. Founded by Philippe Charpentier. It was destroyed in a sensational conspiracy trial which resulted in the extinction of any pedophile movement in Belgium and France. The group published the magazine L’Espoir

Christopher Street (USA)

Coalition Pédophile Québécois (Canada)

Danish Pedophile Association (DPA) (Denmark) The Pedophile Group or Pedophile Group association is a Danish organisation which was disbanded on March 21, 2004. A website is still running, operated by a group of active members of the former association. It was originally founded in 1985. On July 23, 1996 the group had eighty registered members and participated in an International Congress in Denmark. It was also a member of the IPCE (formerly the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation). A 2004 newspaper article identified Dan Markussen as the organization’s spokesman. In 2000, a Danish TV documentary team went undercover to investigate the group. Members were shown exchanging child porn and giving advice on how to contact children in internet chatrooms. A man was arrested by police in connection with the investigation. In 2000, the group asked its members to provide misleading information to authorities to help Eric Franklin Rosser, an ex-member of John Mellencamp’s band and a man charged with producing and distributing child pornography, evade prosecution. He was convicted in 2001 however, and was subsequently added to the U.S.Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted list

Dreamboard (USA)


Fach Und Selbsthilfegruppe Paedophilie. (Belgium) Founded at the early 1970s. In autumn 1994 Professor Rüdiger Lautmann come to Zuerich to have a public speech for this group. Defunct?

Fun Club

Gay News

Groupe de Recherche pour une Enfance Différente (GRED) (France) 1979-1987. The group published the bulletin Le Petit Gredin

International Journal of Greek Love

IPCE – International Paedophile and Child Emancipation (forum/website)





Martijn. (Netherlands) Founded in 1982. The most important pedophile association in Europe. On 27 June 2012 a Dutch court ruled that the group was illegal and ordered it to disband immediately. However this decision was overturned by a higher court in April 2013. The judge motivated his or her decision by stating that Martijn club did not commit crimes and the right offreedom of association.The group published the bulletin OK Magazine


N.A.M.b.L.A (frank torey) (USA)


Paidika (Netherlands) Journal of Paedophilia. Published 1987 onwards.


PAN (A Spartacus publication – editor frank torey)

Panthology (frank torey)

P.I.E (UK) Paedophile Information Exchange

POJKAERT. (Belgium) Paedophile publication.

Social Services


Stiekum (Belgium)

Studiegroep Pedofilie (Belgium) Defunct

TBP – The Body Politic

Thursday’s Child

Toro Bravo

UK Gov


Those are from this link, which has an easily searchable database of 174 known pedophiles and pro-pedophile advocates, some with their affiliations.

32 thoughts on “The Universality of Incest/Child Abuse (Some Deep Background)

  1. 60/45 % as the low end. each time I come across this statistic it knocks me back like a ton of bricks. from the wikimind: “Early research in the 1970s and 1980s began to classify offenders based on…” What? So when I was born there was NO research on child sexual abuse? It’s just stunning. I can’t help but suspect that this lies at the very foundation of our social condition.

  2. Yep. Remember Freud dismissed the idea that sexual interference could be really harmful to children because it was too prevalent!

    What gets me about this is, if the stats are accurate, then half the people I interact with have been sexually interfered with as young children, and half of everyone they interact with the same, and so on. Yet no one is talking about it.

    • I havent read the article yet, just skimmed it, but I’ve no doubt that if they want to cause someone problems, this is one of the surefire ways they will do it – it’s both incredibly easy and highly effective. It’s also a likely strategy now for them to be framing (relative) innocents for this sort of thing, even as all these genuine cases are coming to light, since one of the objections being made is that it’s another “witch-hunt.”

      I would need to have a better idea of Stan Romenek and whether he might pose a real threat to “the Plan” to merit this sort of smear attack. But if all he was doing was presenting proof of ETs among us, then I’d have to say, “Urm. Sorry Stan, time to find a better defense…?”

  3. None of the stats surprise me anymore. In fact, I have had very little interest in the stats since discovering that it is legal in all western countries for a rabbi to put his mouth on the genitals of a baby boy in the bris ritual (mostly ultra-orthodox but some orthodox as well … and not all rabbis insist on having direct oral contact with the penis during the cutting ceremony … but plenty still do). First thing is first. Address the stats of how many times rabbis legally get away with sucking the penis of baby boys each year in western countries and then address the wider stats of sexual assaults against children…. if getting to the root of it is what one is after, so say I. It’s all about context.

  4. Thank you for posting this.

    I saw so much incest and stranger abuse growing up in suburban 1960-70’s USA, it gives me a very cynical, cold, dark laugh to think some people somewhere feel the need to promote pedophilia; as far as i can tell it is flat out rampant already. (Tho it appears these criminals are just trying to make it easier for themselves.) Plenty of people talk about it, but no one has many great ideas for doing anything about it. Put half of all parents in jail? Put 40% of kids in foster care? (and down in FL, hundreds go missing). It’s like the people who say that the government is making mind controlled child sex slaves – why bother, just come on down to Oakland, there’s no shortage. It’s a testament to the human spirit that anyone is able to get through the motions of everyday life, considering all the horror going on.

    anyways. steph

  5. “Plenty of people talk about it, but no one has many great ideas for doing anything about it. Put half of all parents in jail? Put 40% of kids in foster care? ”

    My great idea is to make it punishable for all grown humans, no matter their race, religion , gender, etc , to put their mouths on the genitals of children. My guess is that there is some sort of occult force in place that can do nothing to help clean up the widespread sexual assaults against children when an exception is made in the law for the rabbi who puts his mouth on the penis of a baby boy (in the bris ritual). In fact, that occult force can only help to cover up the widespread rape of children until no exceptions are made in the law for the rabbis who insist on doing this. It is only in this day and age, after thousands of years, that we all have access (thank you WWW) to the video proof that indeed this particular act is happening … and also have access to the proof that it is perfectly protected by the law.

  6. purple oleo. I would believe that your concern lies with the health and well being of children if your comments focused on the issue of genital cutting, which is practiced by many cultures and religions world-wide on boys and girls, instead of on an act performed strictly by parts of one religion, orthodox jewry. I seriously doubt that this aspect of the bris will be punished while millions of children are circumcised every year. As they stand, your comments come across as anti-semitic.

    In addition, while quoting from my comment, you’ve not addressed my concern about what constitutes either a) reasonable and practical punishment or b) how we can stop this abuse happening in the first place. I did not address b) in my comment above, as i consider it kind of a given, but i was wrong. I’m much more concerned with the latter, while i’m glad at least one man who tried to kidnap me was finally caught i’d much rather none of his victims, including Jaycee Dugard, had to endure his crimes.

    I’m not going to respond further in this thread. steph

  7. *Sigh*

    Purple – your point about the J*** is, as far as I can see, quite valid, but it could definitely do with more careful framing; using it as a trump card as you seem to every time you post, to say, “None of this is valid because here, look at this!” is very strange, frankly. It is like you got triggered when you first discovered this fact, and haven’t managed to get untriggered ever since.

    Maybe you could try reversing your reasoning? Consider that, as people begin to look at the stats and the reality of the effects of sexual child abuse, and let *that* in, it’s likely they will become more sensitized to how *any* kind of justification for the mistreatment of children is unacceptable – and in fact, through PIE and all these other orgs, they may become more acutely aware of how the worst perps are also the Masters of Justification – even to the extend of creating a WHOLE RELIGION as a justification for doing unspeakable things to children (which, just so you know, I don’t consider in the least far-fetched; in fact, it is where this current series of posts is heading, roughly; but I don’t want to spoil the Easter surprise!).

    Stephanie – as for this unsavory activity being practiced by other groups besides Judaist ones, that’s something I don’t know enough about, tho I would think it would be also relevant to establish where (with which sect) it began.. .?

    I’m more than a little wary of approaching the problem of child abuse/incest from a social (as opposed to psychological) angle, but I certainly don’t think that stricter laws/punishments are EVER the answer. Don’t forget that those who implement the law and administer punishment are invariably the ones seeking access to the children to begin with, and that they have no real loyalty to one another but only to their strange addiction. (Is your suggestion of putting children in foster homes meant ironically? I hope so! The entire child-care system has probably been set up, or at least infiltrated, by pedophiles in order to ensure easy access to children.)

    This is one reason I don’t see the current revelations as *necessarily* a positive development, socially speaking (tho I believe it is helpful for individuals, starting with myself, if it allows us to begin to own/process/talk about our own trauma): because it is most likely (in my view) the result of some sort of “clearing house” deal by which uncooperative players can be tossed to the dogs and straw men (such as dead celebrities) burned in effigy, to create the illusion that things are being done. Damage control.

    Until the root cause of this species-wide pathology is addressed at an individual level, starting with the recognition that we all share in it *as* individuals, I don’t see that anything will change.

  8. My point doesn’t have anything to do with “the jews” . It’s about a small group of men who, thousands of years ago, found a safe place within the ideologies of Judaism whereby they could institutionalize a ritual whereby they directly mix their saliva with the bleeding penises of baby boys and thusly receive a desired effect (in a occult manner of course) on the psyche of the greater population … a very destabilizing effect … but not a lasting effect, because I do believe that we are in a time where things will change now that we can actually see the reality of it , without any embellishments, and therefore take back our projections. It can now finally no longer be about “the jews”, as it has been for many conspiracy buffs for thousands of years, but rather simply about a very small group of men who use Judasim (and use jews, christians, muslims, other proxies, etc.) to do the deeper work of terrorizing populations for their pleasure/self-satiation.

    • What about all the other “small groups of men” who have practiced similar or same rituals throughout recorded history as (I believe) cited in the LdM article linked to above? (Did you read it?)

      How is it helpful to attempt, as you have, to narrow it down to a single, specific group/time/ritual, unless you can somehow prove that this is “birthplace” of all subsequent abuse — and even then, I wonder, how is it helpful?

  9. RE: Romanek, his fake “alien” video made me extremely suspicious from the jump, and his book did very little to help. In fact, I was thoroughly convinced he was a total fraud.

    This does not surprise me. I understand that it’s at least a possibility that someone could have (maybe, possibly, maybe) planted this evidence, but it’s at least as likely that he got caught and is saying that it’s all a conspiracy because he knows his soft-minded followers, some of them at least, will follow suit.

    And why waste the time and effort required to do something like covertly manipulate and deposit file structures populated with those kinds of pictures across multiple devices to take down a guy who has a fake alien video and a small following of true believers? What threat could he pose? Romanek says they want to make an example of him. To who? Other people who might fake encounters in hopes of monetary reward and make the whole scene even more of a laughing stock than it already is?

    This story makes the more recent posts even more interesting, to me, because I’ve always has a sneaking suspicion that this kind of thing was also fully present in the so-called UFO/Conspiracy community.

  10. The sex drive is fallen. That’s why it says in the Bible that the only way to make the act holy is to only do it in the context of a committed, marital relationship. Evolved humans who follow Buddhist teachings for example, know that the brief high from sexual intercourse pales in comparison to the bliss that can be achieved from sexual abstinence and subsequent development of union with the cosmic mind. Meditation is sex with the universe.

  11. This comment is definitely *apropos* to my current mood and predicament, but it does seem to oversimplify quite drastically – since if the sex drive is fallen, then presumably it needs raising up, not denying altogether?

    I agree about the marital context, this does seem to be the key, and why marriage is joked as heralding “the end of a perfectly good sex life.” Course if it were true (that sex had been perfectly good before marriage), then marriage wouldn’t really be necessary.

    Also: Meditation can be a form of self-abuse.

  12. “What about all the other “small groups of men” who have practiced similar or same rituals throughout recorded history as (I believe) cited in the LdM article linked to above? (Did you read it?)”

    I scanned the article and I’m not sure what you are referring to.

    What other small group of men, besides the guys who call themselves orthdox/ultra-orthodox rabbis, have institutionalized, within a major religion, the genital oral suction of boys so that it became part of “the Law”, as has been happening for at least 1500 years within certain sects of Judaism (much less widespread today than it used to be, but still done 3000 times a year in NYC alone … there are some stats). I am positing that when such an action against children becomes institutionalized within a religion, it creates a massive energetic disharmony across a wide swathe of land in the minds of everyone who lives in that land. And, hard to prove, but I do suggest that it creates an energetic where it is harder to get a handle on the problem of men and women who sexually/violently prey on children … and it is harder to get a handle, I say, because there is an occult force that cannot help to clean up the problem until communities say “fuck no” to the men who, in the name of religion, say that they must suck the bleeding penis of the baby in order to be right with “the Law” of their god. And I also posit, that we couldn’t honestly reach the point of saying “fuck no” until this moment in history, when we who live outiside those closed sects can all now see for ourselves (video evidence available on youtube) that this is mouth-on-genital ritual is still indeed a standard practice within those sects of Judasim …. AND is protected by the laws of every western country in the world.

    “How is it helpful to attempt, as you have, to narrow it down to a single, specific group/time/ritual, unless you can somehow prove that this is “birthplace” of all subsequent abuse — and even then, I wonder, how is it helpful?”

    Please see my above response. It is not helpful to argue that this ritual is the “birthplace” of all subsequent abuse , but it is helpful to argue that until it is punishable for ALL men to put their mouths on the genitals of children, then we will not be able to get to correcting the problem of the widespread hidden sexual violence against children. If I make an exception for the rabbis, then I make an exception for Jimmy Savile (or at least, an occult force makes it easy for Savile to get away with it … until I stop making exceptions for certain “small groups of men”). It wasn’t until this moment in history — this “internet age” that we are able to have the sound reason (sound enough, anway) , through direct experiential evidence, that an exception is being made, until it isn’t. There were nothing but rumors to go on for those who lived outside those sects — rumors that blew up into Big Projections — before this current age, and many people suffered for it. Now we can narrow our focus onto a small group of men who insist , still, on doing this particular act, and also narrow our focus on the proxies who wish to give them the legal protections to continue to do it.

    • I don’t have time to go over the LdM article myself just now but according to M* it has several descriptions of similar rituals (& let’s not forget the female circumcision practiced by hard line Moslem sects).

      Two things jump out for me about your argument. Firstly, that it presupposes that some sort of “judgment” of “This is Bad!” accompanied by an agreed upon form of punishment, is the solution to the problem of child abuse. I think I have already addressed how problematic (not to say simplistic) this view is – essentially it attempts to solve a problem by applying the same paradigm (that of the predominant social, moral and even “religious” values) which gave rise to it.

      The other point is that your argument leaves out completely the underlying cause, the unconscious motivation, which brought about these rituals in the first place. You’re suggesting that, if it weren’t for these traditions of child abuse creating a religious cover for themselves, the practice of them wouldn’t be able to continue or become so endemic. But that’s illogical, because if we allow that the religious ritual aspect is *really* just a cover (unconscious rationalization/justification) by which traumatized psyches get to offload their trauma onto “poison receptacles” and so stave off their annihilation anxiety, well, then if it wasn’t this religious rationale, it would be, and will be, another rationale. Any dream will do.

      Have you looked into the PIE material?

      Honestly Purple, if you really care as much as you appear to about this, it behooves you to widen your research and recognize how much more widespread, multi-layered, and nuanced the problem is. Otherwise you are in danger of falling into the trap which these posts are addressing – imposing false coherence on the data and so shutting down the process of uncovering real coherence. And for the same reason we all do it – to fool ourselves that there is an “easy,” “obvious” solution.

      There isn’t. And if there was, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      • “I don’t have time to go over the LdM article myself just now but according to M* it has several descriptions of similar rituals (& let’s not forget the female circumcision practiced by hard line Moslem sects).”

        While there may be descriptions of similar rituals in the article, those described rituals are not legal in western countries, with the exception of the general genital mutilation of boys. Those rituals are currently done either “underground”, illegally, or they are done in non-western countries , like some middle-eastern states and African states, for example,. The ritual that I am describing — the cutting and sucking of the genitals still done is some Judaic sects — is indeed legal in all western countries. A man/rabbi can put his mouth on the bleeding penis of baby in America , and as of right now, America, on the whole, is ok with that so long as it is for “religious reasons” (although most of Americans have no idea , at the moment, that the ritual is even happening at all, and so their ignorance basically equals consent). I’m exploring the question of how and why most Americans (and other westerners) have no idea that the ritual is happening … why there has been no discussion about it until very recent times. Ooooh, it gets very conspiratorial !

        The NYC health commissioner was about to go public with it for the first time in September 2001, after the 2nd reported infant genital herpes case had been reported, but then the September 11th thing happened and there was no time for discussing the problems that come with rules that make it possible for rabbis to put his mouth on the open wound on a baby’s penis — a wound that he (the rabbi) had just, seconds before, made on the penis. Anyway, the question I have is, “How in the world are peoples in most western peoples currently unaware that a rabbi can legally put his mouth on the genitals of a baby boy, and yes, why are so many people, on the whole, so desensitized to the very industrial-sized act of cutting a baby boy’s genitals (especially here in Amerca).” Asking this question would get to , and does get to, some of the questions and concerns that you have with my view of this … although my view (my questionings) of it goes much deeper and wider than I have shared so far.

        I’ll look into the PIE phenomenon a little more . I will say, though, that I am very wary (suspicious) of a lot of the research and numbers/stats as given by people like de Mause … Not necessarily because I believe that they are not accurate, but because I believe that they are unnecessary at this moment — this historical moment. It complicates and/or obfuscates something that is in plain sight … available for all to see right now. Youtube bans all videos showing genital oral action, with the exception of the rabbi who is ceremoniously sucking the penis of a baby in his institutionalized Jewish ritual. I’m just sayin … things that make me go hmmmmm.

  13. Lolita: I read it in my twenties and enjoyed it; no idea what I would think of it now.

    From the thread that started this all:

    Back to [Fabian Havestock] Ellis:

    Possible Source of Lolita To Be Published by Grove
    In a letter that Edmund Wilson wrote to Vladimir Nabokov in 1948, which was reprinted in The Nabokov-Wilson Letters published in 1979, the critic said that he was sending Nabokov two books, one of them a copy of “Havelock Ellis’s Russian sex masterpiece.” Nine days later, Nabokov thanked Wilson for the books, saying ‘”I enjoyed the Russian’s love-life hugely. It is wonderfully funny.” In a footnote to the Wilson letter, Simon Karlinsky, who edited, annotated and wrote an introductory essay to the correspondence, noted that the 106-page “sex masterpiece,” describing the narrator’s obsessive search for young girls, was written around 1912 by an anonymous Ukrainian in French. . . . Ellis left it out of the American edition entirely.


    The only psychiatrist Nabokov could tolerate was Havelock Ellis, for whom “the individuality of each case is respected and catalogued in the same way that butterflies are carefully classified,” as one of Nabokov’s biographers has explained. (Nabokov was a famous lepidopterist.) Conversely, Nabokov detested “Freudian voodooism,” as he once put it, because he saw in Freud an attempt by psychiatry to corner, appropriate, and submit to generalized principles people’s inner lives. And submitting one’s inner life—the unique hazard of one’s personality, the camera obscura of one’s own personal store of memories—to a set of deterministic explanations was for Nabokov an indignity on par with the expropriations of the Bolsheviks.


    Learn Pedophilia at Cornell University
    The syllabus for “The Sexual Child” reads like a veritable who’s-who of pro-pedophilia academics and activists. Among the authors presented in the course [is] Havelock Ellis, author of “The School Friendships of Girls” and a reputed eugenicist. . . . Students are enlightened with such lectures as “The Child as Sexual Object and Sexual Subject,” “Big Bad Wolves,” “Loving Children,” and “Having Children” (for which one of the readings is Nabokov’s Lolita). English Professor Ellis Hanson, the course instructor, defends the course’s content. “The erotic fascination with children is ubiquitous,” he tells Campus Report. “One could hardly read a newspaper or turn on a television without feeling obliged to accept, study, and celebrate it.” The course is designed, in his view, to “undermine preconceived notions about what a child is, what sexuality is, and what it means to love or desire a child.” He says that the course is balanced in all areas of its treatment of the subject, with the goal of “seek[ing] to complicate our understanding of child sexuality and our rather limited strategies for interpreting it.”

    • Wow….gross. There is nothing lovng about desiring a child sexually. It doesn’t matter if children are sexual or not. There is no way a child can consent to a sexual act, they are not developmentally able to. It is theft. It is a sin and has huge karmic consequences for perpetrators and society. Adults who have these drives need therapy and chronic repeat offenders go to jail for a reason. Yes the human race has many perversions. A fallen sex drive is at the heart of a lot of them, and a mis- aligned drive for intimacy.

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  15. 20 years ago when Woody Allen first was accused of Pedophilia by his long-time partner Mia Farrow, I coincidentally ran into Allen’s chauffeur at a diner on the Upper West Side of NYC.. I told him I was a therapist and he unloaded on me his fears “How could someone do that?” and his offers from both “sides” to be their witness.. I wrote it up and tried to get it published at “The Realist” but was rejected. When the story was refreshed recently: his erstwhile adopted daughter, who has changed her name” stood by her original childhood experience and wrote/ published publicly how disgusted she was seeing the man who obviously ruined , to some degree, the life of her family; and disrupted her own life – having people call her a liar etc. And run her mother through a gauntlet of accusations…

    So I found the article I had written and realized I , myself, had skirted the issue in my original writing.. The chauffeur had definitely told me that Allen had a sick obsession with his adopted daughter since she was 3.. And that he had driven Allen across town every morning for years so he could get to the child’s house in time to spend private time with her… And that the chauffeur’s opinion was that he was “in love” with the little girl in an unhealthy way… The chauffeur, himself, didn’t want to face what logic would lead one to believe.

    Among the public commentary on the re-opening of this case I found a very revealing first – person narrative by a man who had been sexually abused by his father when he was a child.:

    “Woody Allen Is Not a Monster. He Is a Person. Like My Father.”

    The author tackles the issue of how normal his father appeared … And, in reality, probably was?

    I found it extremely humorous that people [who hadn’t looked into the case, nor studied it] fell for the bold lies of Woody Allen published prominently in the New York Times…Wherein he named the mother to be the demonic witchy unstable vengeful receptacle of his scape – goating.

    According to the chauffeur, a conversation I recorded almost 20 years ago, Allen had started “working on” Soon Yi when she was 14; so it wasn’t a case of “instant falling in love” when she was 19.

    It was a metaphor, for me, of so much going on , on many different levels and throughout many different examples / stories. It is a “killing joke” representative of mass perversion…

    Recently I was ordered a routine colonoscopy… Through that experience I discovered there is a drug which can be administered to make you lose all short term memory of what occurred in the hour before the drug is administered..

    .Much as vets get onto ketamine, I’m wondering how many anesthesiologists make “good use” of this drug..

    Some of my twit pic commentary on the Allen / Dylan public controversy.
    Oh, the two new adopted daughters strongly resemble the original abuse victims, Soon Yi and “Dylan”

    I learned from this: people are very attached to their memories… For many New Yorkers, especially Upper West Side, “intellectual” well – to – do ; Woody Allen is a major part of their identity “taste” “what I like” and of their family memories.. That becomes very hard to reconcile: when an un-kind truth interfers with one’s actual memories / what one holds dear.

    Reading this story of a young person’s experience reminded me of the importance of memories: “Don’t mess with my memories” Memories are a part of identity.. … She describes her inner conflict on reading the statements released by “Dylan”

    Apparently “Hollywood” is all on “Woody’s side” which belies the notion there is a public “clean up” to make people feel better on the subject..

  16. I left a line out of the first paragraph:

    should read: ” When the story was refreshed recently: his erstwhile adopted daughter, who has changed her name” stood by her original childhood experience and wrote/ published publicly how disgusted she was seeing the man who obviously ruined , to some degree, the life of her family; and disrupted her own life – having people call her a liar etc. And run her mother through a gauntlet of accusations…receive massive public accolades and a public / TV transmitted award ceremony dedicated to him.

  17. Thanks for posting this. It’s useful to have testimony that isn’t entirely hearsay, in this case second hand info (for me) but still a lot closer to something real than reading the “papers”. It’s timely description too. In the new book, “Seen & Not Seen,” I write very briefly about the Woody Allen thing towards the end of the book, in relation to just this, how our/my fondness and attachment to movies memories, and the allegiance/ideology it instills in me, makes it difficult to process the full impact of a possible reality such as this.

    The other thing that’s timely is I just read over a chapter on Blue Velvet & Frank Booth, and this morning in the shower, I spontaneously remembered that “pedophile” means “child-LOVER,” and that many pedophiles don’t see themselves as abusing or exploiting a child but as being in love with it. As David Lynch said about Frank: “Frank is totally in love. He just doesn’t know how to show it. He may have gotten into some strange things, but he’s still motivated by positive things.”

    Dorothy responds to that blind obsessive love (many women do), and in a similar way, I think, children, especially if neglected or abused at home, respond to the “love” of pedophiles. This alone could allow the perpetrator to justify his actions in his own mind…

  18. The other reason, just occurred to me, that the event with the anesthesiologist unsettled me: I was a pre-school student at the McMartin pre-school.. “Peggy Ann” , who as an adult was accused of being part of the pedo ring there, was in my pre-school class… I definitely have memories of that school and of one boy’s , later rescinded, story about the “Hollywood game” while I was there.

    I have memories of when I was three and have always been able to remember back ’til then.. I do not remember being sexually abused. I feel certain there’s was a pedo ring there.. And I remember an exercise that “bothered” me at the time – and which I always remembered for some reason. A new teacher came, a young woman. We all were brought into the classroom and made to sit in a circle.. The game was: we were supposed to close our eyes and not peek… I peeked and saw someone else peeking, and “told” on the peeker… Then, I was caught, by that tattling, as a “peeker” too.

    I’ve believed for a long while that the many stories of pedophilia coming out of the school were true. One of the main reasons – not that other evidence doesn’t point to it too – such a hundreds of child witnesses who have stuck by their story; and the final discovery of an actual tunnel under the school as described by the children – and dismissed as fantasy. before it was found years later.

    … But what stuck in my mind: When I was a teenager and going to UCLA – and living at my grandmother’s house in Manhattan Beach, she was rattled about something after visiting the pre-school unannounced… And asked me several times if I was ever hurt there or if anything went on, strange..If anything strange went on… The fact of her repeated asking me of that stuck in my mind..And of her being shook up

    . She would drive into town on a little golf cart my Dad got for her… The “Grandmother” McMartin was so sweet to the parents [but stern to the children – I do remember] that grandmother just stopped by there unannounced to say “hi” or whatever… And then saw something, or maybe was treated in some way, so she never went back….

    A political researcher / writer / older “club kid” / erstwhile friend – accused me at one point of being a “monarch” type victim since I had attended that school..

    Since I don’t believe I was ever molested there, several reasons that I was “passed over” always made sense to me: I was precocious, verbal and wild… You can see in the photos of our class – “Peggy Ann” as prim and clean as “The Bad Seed” [lol] And me with legs sprawled, mud all over me, whacky uncombed hair, with a loud “in ur face” expression… And remembering the “test” – I figured later that must’ve been a test… And I was deemed untrustworthy and thus “passed over”

    This latest event with the anesthesiologist though, bothered me, for many reasons – And I don’t want to go into the whole story here, right now, since it not precisely relevant. I understood , by what happened to me during that procedure, that I had been talking to the doctor the entire time of the procedure – and then I could remember none of it.. And the anesthesiologist was very amused…

    So then I considered: Maybe something *was done to me and a drug was just administered to make me forget…

    Unlikely, I know, since the children who do remember it – they would’ve been given the drug too and therefore would not remember…but they do remember..

    So I’m still of the position that nothing sexual happened to me there.. And that there was child abuse; just not of me.

  19. And remembering the “test” – I figured later that must’ve been a test… And I was deemed untrustworthy and thus “passed over” . . . So then I considered: Maybe something *was done to me and a drug was just administered to make me forget… Unlikely, I know, since the children who do remember it – they would’ve been given the drug too and therefore would not remember…but they do remember..

    There’s an option here you might not be considering – ie, a possible flaw in the logic. But I don’t want to just come out and say it, since this is obviously such a sensitive matter.

  20. “Dorothy responds to that blind obsessive love (many women do), and in a similar way, I think, children, especially if neglected or abused at home, respond to the “love” of pedophiles. This alone could allow the perpetrator to justify his actions in his own mind…”

    Made me think of Todd Solondz’s Palindromes (2004)

    Same character just different actors.

  21. The girl who was forced to have the abortion is played by two different actresses. Solondz made it like that so it was hard to judge the characters by their appearances, I guess.

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