Souls at Work & Play, Post-2012

Most of you probably think that 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar turned out to be another failed prophecy, am I right? That’s not quite my sense of it.

My sense is that there has been a subtle shift of emphasis, and that, in the coming years, pursuits that are focused on the spiritual or cosmic aspect of existence will prosper, more and more, while ones that focus on strictly material or worldly gain, won’t.

This doesn’t mean choosing one focus over the other. What counts is which is given primary focus.

Spirit wants to be fully manifest in and through Matter, and for human souls to become fully embodied means coming all the way into the world. Paradoxically, the more in the world we are, the less of it we can become. Maybe this is because, when the soul is fully embodied, the body is free to express its essential, soul nature . . .

My friend Mitchell Fraas is attempting something that dramatizes this process at a human, everyday level. With my and others’ help, he has left behind his social-security-based life in the US – living on and off the system – and is now attempting to make a livelihood for himself, his own way, by working with the Mayan women of Atitlan, Guatemala, turning his art (which is inspired by Mayan cosmology and myths) into local embroideries.


By enlisting their aid, he hopes to support himself while simultaneously creating an opportunity for the women to make a creative living and become more independent themselves. (Curiously in sync with a film I made while I was last living in Guatemala, about Mayan women’s independence, called Agents of Change.) In the process, he is also bringing Mayan tradition “up to date” by fusing it with his own creativity, making videos and spreading awareness via the Internet, thereby acting as an unofficial cultural ambassador.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a worthwhile enterprise, and quite in keeping with the spirit of Earth-living post-2012. However, Mitch can’t do this alone.

His Kickstarter campaign is for $3000; so far he’s got $850 of that, with 16 days still to go. If he doesn’t make the figure, he won’t get any of that money. This means that, if you make a donation and he still doesn’t make the target figure, your donation won’t go through and it will cost you nothing at all.

The idea of this set-up is that, by making a donation, you show that you’re willing to support this if others support it too. My guess is that a lot of you feel that way, because it’s human nature to want to be on a winning team.

I used not to make donations to causes either, not even ones I believed in. I always figured someone else could do it and my own little bit wouldn’t make that much difference anyway. Since I ran my own fundraiser in late 2012, I’ve changed my mind, and now I give regularly.

Do it once – it gets easier every time! The upside of giving is that you get to let go of something, which takes you one step closer to being free.

That’s the spirit of the times. Giving to a worthwhile cause is for our own benefit. Lifting up others means that you are also lifted up.

If Mitch’s campaign doesn’t succeed, there’s a chance he may have to give up and go back to the US. That won’t be because he didn’t try, but because his efforts were insufficient to overcome people’s inertia and get them (you) to break out of the old ways of doing (and not doing) things, to step boldly where so few have gone before, and into a new way.

And it won’t be because he was behind the curve either, but because he was ahead of it.


To those on this list who have already donated (there are a couple of you I know), warmest of thanks from myself, Mitch and the Mujeres de Maya.

To the rest of you: what are you waiting for?

Mitch’s Campaign


3 thoughts on “Souls at Work & Play, Post-2012

  1. Thank you for your continued exploration of consciousness, the methodical exposure, layer by layer of human potential & never letting go of the anomalies that this life constantly throws up. And ta for bringing Mitch’s worthy project to my attention. By the way I thought the S W pod cast with you both was informative warm & entertaining.


    cast with you both was
    informative warm & entertaining

    I have really enjoy all your blogs / pod casts & persona’s over the years

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