Fire Chart

Finally, and at the risk of milking the event, I’m going to look briefly at why this happened and what it all means.

I can accept the fire-manifesting reading of the event, of course (that I am the secret firestarter, a la Tyler Durden, via my unconscious). This is why I felt responsible for the cat – especially since it was a black cat and the cat I am with now, Garbanzo, is black and was given 6 months to live in the summer (he’s fine so far). And in my past experience, major shifts often involve “sacrifices”…

I’d say there’s more nuance to this than simply: “This is my POWER!” however. Each and every detail, the alleged perpetrators (Native teenager/s accused of the act), the neighbor Travis, Luke and the uncertainty about the fate of Joey the cat, the dry cleaner’s, the owner coming to save his boat, the inefficient firefighters, their having to tear down one building to save another, my rescuing some books and a dressing gown & guitar (unnecessarily), even meeting the local famous author W.P. Kinsella (Field of Dreams, a movie I hated) the next day in the bookshop, where I was holing up during the period of unknowing (waiting to see if our building would burn down or not)  –  these are all elements of the “meta-narrative” (which might be called:  “Love Goes to a Building on Fire!”).

If our apartment represents my body – where I currently live – and the fire represents Kundalini/awakening, then perhaps the abandoned building and the dry cleaners signify my false selves, those peripheral and dispensable structures of thought, belief, and being that have to go?

Factor in then my being awake when the fire started, and our (my wife made the call) being the ones who called it in  – who knows how much later the firemen would have arrived otherwise, it might have made the difference between losing our apartment and saving  – and all of this could be interpreted as a “blueprint” for a future enlightenment experience! (Yay!)

Then there is the timing, 3 days before Solstice, which was yesterday, with these 3 days after leading up to Christ-mass, the birth of the Son/Sun, which indicates vigilance and preparedness, being several steps ahead of “the fire,” so to speak. I think this is sort of my role, to some degree and so far at least, the watchdog, the one who cries “Fire!” before anyone else spots it, or is even awake. Certainly, as a prophet of apocalypse I have often felt in danger of becoming the boy who cried “Doom!”

I drew a chart for the fire and it’s a humdinger. I have never seen a foursquare crisscrossed by oppositions before, and placed in relationship to my own chart, there are 14 squares, 16 trines, 7 opps, 7 conj, 7 sextiles (777)!! Holy fireballs, Batman!

fire chart

5 thoughts on “Fire Chart

  1. Amazing chart! The number symbolism alone is breathtaking. Clearly the Mar/Uranus opposition describes the fire (10th/4th houses). I put this chart side by side with your natal chart and looked for points of contact and there is a big one, though you probably already see it. Your natal Neptune is tightly conjunct the Ascendant to this event. Your unconscious (dreams etc) was somehow linked to the physical manifestation of the event. That could be read…you were physically there, but not conscious of it, or not there, but dreaming of it, or other ways of sort of “out of body” experiencing it. I still think the Full Moon had a triggering effect – they always bring things to “light”, or to full manifestation. Saturn in the 12th is ominous – the house of secrets, and self-undoing. Someone connected to this event is playing the role of “Saturn”, and it is the first planet to rise, so it sets the tone of the event.

  2. Mars/Uranus opposition cross Pluto Moon, which is also a strong feature in my own chart, pertaining to my mother and secrets.

    Both my mother and my wife had/have Cancer Moon.

    Saturn is also in Scorpio, reinforcing ‘secret’ aspect; symmetrical too as my own Saturn is in 8th house (ie, Scorpio).

  3. Yes, perfect analysis! Especially if your mother’s Moon and your wife’s moon was/is in the first Decan of Cancer. You clearly had a “lunar voice” speaking to you in your sleep, and you responded appropriately.

    Another point of the chart I find amazing, that describes the event so well, is the placement of Mars. It rules the chart (rules the Ascendant Scorpio) traditionally, and is placed in the sign of its Detriment, Libra. Libra is a dual sign, so signifies “two”, a pair, or partners (that is why it is considered a sign of diplomacy), such as the two young men accused of setting it. They are young, hot-headed boys with energy that needed an outlet, but because Mars is in Detriment, it doesn’t think well, is too impulsive.

    It may be dangerous to project too much into the chart, but I do think you are right, there are resonances with your own. Your psychic contents manifesting synchronistically – perhaps. Certainly a lunar mirror.

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