22 thoughts on “Bonus MX Presentation Video: “The Soul’s Eruption”

  1. Nice, liked you talk, I was wondering about what you were going to talk about, because as you say there really is nothing to talk about. From watching you on stage it looked like you were trying to have an epiphany while you were performing. Also it would be great if there are links to the other speeches.

    I liked your quote “what we do in life… echoes in eternity.”. That is actually a quote I used in our very first conversation on this blogg a year or so ago. Stating that this conversation will echo in eternity.

    If we viewed life in the perspective of eternity what would be worth doing? This is a really good question. One begins to wonder if one is wasting one’s life away in hedonistic activity. Maybe it would be better to become a monk or atleast try to live life in a more conscious way? But this is difficult. Living an authentic life or as close to an authentic life as possible is really the only option. The problem is as you say realizing one’s inner voice, the uncorrupted part of ourselves, the spark.

    • ha yes, trying to have an epiphany, or at least hoping for one; which i felt a bit disappointed after that I didn’t, seemed that it wasn’t actually as spontaneous as I was claiming to be. But in retrospect, watching the vid, I think conveyed what I was there to convey, and without doing a single dance step.

  2. Never stop the car on a drive in the dark
    Never look for the truth in your mother’s eyes
    Never trust the sound of rain upon a river
    Rushing through your ears

    Arriving somewhere but not here

    Did you imagine the final sound as a gun?
    Or the smashing windscreen of a car?
    Did you ever imagine the last thing you’d hear as you’re fading out was a song?

    All my designs, simplified
    And all of my plans, compromised
    All of my dreams, sacrificed

    Ever had the feeling you’ve been here before?
    Drinking down the poison the way you were taught
    Every thought from here on in your life begins
    And all you knew was wrong?

    Did you see the red mist block your path?
    Did the scissors cut a way to your heart?
    Did you feel the envy for the sons of mothers tearing you apart?

  3. Good that you were pleased that you got your message across, regret is no good. Seems like people don’t like the idea of having no control over one’s life, just a thought I got from hearing the question from the women. Most new age religion seem to be about this gaining control of one’s life.

  4. namaste` jake……i think you did a great presentaion….your dialogue with eric davis.was impressive for me and off the top of my head i would say that davis had a connectioon with your authenticiy…..trying to communicate from a space where your ego is not getting in the way…….of course that is why i have always consideres you a warrior……as for pinchbeck no comment derm

  5. Ha, Daniel sounded like a bully with no finesse.

    My favorite part of it all is the moment that can be no doubly spontaneity in which you and Eric talked about the language & authenticity signals. You two seem to have magical chemistry.

    I can’t help but be reminded of Rick Roderick lectures when I watched your presentation.

    “In any case, this project is one to get away from empty conformity and to live authentically. Now here is its tremendous drawback, and this is the one that becomes obvious in my remarks about fascism. The trouble with leaving the account of being human this abstract, you know “We come from a culture, we flee from conformity, we try to get authentic” the trouble with leaving it that abstract is that you could be an authentic anything, you follow me? I mean, it turns out that you could be authentically a member of the Third Reich, authentically a member of Reagan administration… I’ll just leave those two together for a while in your minds… authentically a friend of Richard Nixon… no wait a minute, that’s logically absurd… no it isn’t, I think that’s possible. You could be authentically… ”

    “The trouble with this authenticity business is that trying as hard as he can to give a more concrete primordial account of what it means to be human and trying to avoid, you know, the traditional account, he has ended up giving us an abstract account again, at another level. Now admittedly – I hope – we have learned something from it. I mean, I do think there are important things in it about fleeing from our selves, but for gods sakes, I mean, we don’t want a narrative about ourselves that’s based merely on authenticity, because I mean, we know too many authentic swine, or at least semi authentic swine, to want that… so that’s, I think, a powerful criticism.”

    Referring to part 5 at the bottom that could be read in text. http://rickroderick.org/302-heidegger-and-the-rejection-of-humanism-1993/

    • I can’t agree with Rick R’s idea of authentic swine (unless he’s talking about pigs). Authenticity means stripping away the masks, the armor, the defensive conditioning to get to a totally vulnerable raw core self. There’s nothing objectionable or offensive (swinish) about any sort of authentic expression and swinish behavior is, ipso facto, inauthentic behavior. IMAO, RR is adopting a very surface view of authenticity. There’s no such thing as an authentic Nazi or republican. I’m not even sure there’s such thing as an authentic PERSON.

      Authenticity is the very last layer that isn’t a layer but bedrock of being: the smallest particle that can’t be divided. INDIVIDUAL = belonging to no group, denomination, creed, or party.

  6. Perhaps I did him a misfortune by quoting those statements to draw attention. But, Rick Roderick lectures are about culture being an assault from all angles to take away that authentic self you are currently looking to find. He calls it a small garrison, you call it a small particle. What’s the difference?

  7. Enjoyed hell out of seeing this, hearing your presentation Jasun. Many cool notes, none surpassing how you ended – brought Buffalo Springfield to mind, “Something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.” High marks for poise and composure, a pleasure to see. The silences between remark, you could hear a pin drop in there. Awesome command of audience interest and attention, is the impression I got from that. Overall it struck me you handled yourself superbly. Never more than when tested by some challengey static noise here and there. Lady in front row, on impression – seemed like you just weren’t telling her what she came to hear, or had in mind for you to say (you heartbreaker … ;-).

    Even more obvious that one guy, around 20 min mark. Seemed a bit pointy-headed, like he’s gonna try to prove something; I have no idea what (can’t give him very high marks for coherence or substance). Whatever that was about, I thought your reply was priceless: “Uh, because I was asked” (hello?). Bullseye, I don’t know how you could possibly have done better in that exchange. The other guy, following up after seemed to take note of that – handled himself with you a bit more careful, sensibly. Good for him, avoided blundering like his predecessor – after clumsy pratfall he took – wham, right on his face. I wonder if maybe he felt like you were upstaging him intellectually, or relationally – connecting with the audience, couldn’t match you for authenticity, or charisma etc?

    Velly intelestink scene overall too, the larger context etc. Overall looks like you had a great time – glad to see, and kudos.

    • Hi Brian. Thanks, very heartening feedback for me to hear most especially because it comes across as sincere and pointed without any smoke-blowing (tho admittedly I’m not exactly an unbiased receiver!).

      The first voice, Daniel Pinchbeck; second voice, Erik Davis.

      Your comments about these exchanges seem to cross over from ordinary guesswork into intuitive “seeing,” or something. Did you tune into the event via the act of watching it?

      Still didnt get to see that video of you which you mentioned, on FB….

      On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:39 AM, Auticulture

  8. I live in a room that is like an apartment for me, complete with barbell, desk, and tub. I think the first time I heard this song was on one of your podcasts. It woke me up in the middle of the night and freaked me out!

  9. It was funny, I thought someone was talking to me at first and then realized what it was, and had never heard the song before. It was my alarm tone for awhile.

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