SWEDA REDUX, Volunteers Saught


I am pitching an existential agony column for a local online zine (Hush) and I need volunteers.

If you can provide an incident from life (recent or distant past), I will decode it to reveal your unconscious life, sort of SWEDA-lite. I can then use it (or rather, the most compelling example) for the intro piece, to give readers an idea of the process and how best to participate in it.

If it goes well, this could lead to my re-starting up SWEDA (Stormy Weather Existential Detective Agency), either online or locally, or both.

You can post here in the comments or email me via my website. Incidents should be kept to a couple hundred words or so.


10 thoughts on “SWEDA REDUX, Volunteers Saught

  1. Friday night—he gets up to avoid the impending ache & mental strain. Past the first block he sees the same faces, uninteresting to him, but keeps up the social graces with a nod. He continues to walk aimlessly hoping for a special encounter but expecting not to as long experience has taught him. Gloom & heaviness set in. Now as he gets little weary he looks for a quiet place to sit down to rest. He walks a little further to get a decent distance away from pedestrians. He finds a spot, sits on a bench, stares into the distance, motionless and thoughtless. Ten minutes later or so. Heads home and hits the sack with accelerating recollection from the uneventful night to drown out thoughts of the haunting past.

  2. I think I will write something up. I was just writing to myself right now about the subconscious mind and past traumas. I figured I’d check your site since this is your forte, maybe it’s a synch?

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