11 thoughts on “The Life of a (Ex-) Sorcerer’s Cat

  1. Cats and Paradise

    One of the most touching cat stories in early Arabic history relates the tale of the Sufi from Baghdad, Abu Bakr al-Shibli (d. 945) who dies and was seen by one of his friends in a dream. On being asked what ALLAH had done to him, he said that he had been granted admission to Paradise but was asked by the ALLAH if he knew the reason for this blessing. Shibli enumerated all his religious duties – fasting and praying, performing the Pilgrimage and giving alms – but none of these acts of piety had saved him. Finally ALLAH asked him, ‘Do you remember the cold day in Baghdad when it was snowing and you were walking in your coat when you saw a tiny kitten on a wall shivering with cold, and you took it and put it under your warm coat? For the sake of this kitten We have forgiven you.’


  2. ah clever answer! Seems like most discussions always end up with grappling the limiting nature of language. It would be cool if something like telepathy came into existence. That it was possible to transfer a raw experience of the moment to another person.

    • some autists are said to think in images (see Temple Grandin’s book, Thinking in Pictures), and animals also, which is why autists are also said to be able to communicate (telepathically) with animals

      I suspect there is something about having a language-dependent consciousness that prevents telepathy?

      we are perhaps all connected telepathically, but our internal dialogue prevents us from noticing?

  3. Yes, I agree we are all connected telepathically. Although I think it is varied how well we are in tune with people. When talking with Dave the most incredible synchronicities come up. In a way I feel way more in tune with Dave than many other people. I have signed up for the winter retreat actually, are you planning on going? You are perhaps going to the one in the States?

  4. Cats are amazing creatures, and you’ve taken a unique feline on a special life journey. R.I.P Garbanzo, when it’s your time.

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