5 thoughts on “Lucid View Audio 0

  1. I finally began seriously reading (as opposed to briefly scanning and/or reading your excerpts on this site) your “Prisoner of Infinity” piece. I fell asleep early in the evening yesterday and woke up late last night and for some reason decided to dig into it now. Am only stopping because I have to leave for work soon. As of right now though I’ve read the first three sections and I have to say I’m hooked on it. Excellent work. There is so much there that I already suspected would be there but a lot of new angles that resonate with my current state of “mind” as well. I was struck on a personal level by several things you brought up and would like to share something with you that you may find interesting or relevant. Is there a way on this site to contact you privately? I couldn’t find a “contact” link.

    • Thanks for your interest nalydkhezrbey.

      Jason is unavailable for a few days but he would love to hear from you.

      The Crucial Fictions email is tucked away as a link under the first menu heading: THE PRISONER OF INFINITY >>Part 1: Whitley’s Game >>Intro: Parented by the UFO/Gallery/Contact

      Or you can this one: jasun AT auticulture DOT com

      Glad that you are finding something relevant in this project!


      • OK, thanks for the info Lucinda. I hadn’t even thought of looking at the CF site for a contact link but I see it now and I think I had seen it before but just didn’t recall where. I’ve only been downloading the pdfs as they’ve come available for later reading and haven’t actually visited that site so much.

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