14 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sacred Words

      • Haha! Good come back… I suspect that was intentional. Now you’re reminding me of chapter 87.

        Also, been diggin’ your latest work, at least what I’ve been able to take time to catch up with. You always manage to throw things out there that either tap similar currents as I am swimming in at the moment or simply just touch something close to home for me. I think you should publish your extended Strieber piece in full book form… or am I just being a little old fashioned? Great stuff man. When I catch completely up with it maybe I’ll engage in some dialogue about it with you.

        • Glad to know you’ve been grooving along – it’s always good to hear from a long-time reader too, and always pleasantly surprising that I haven’t managed to lose you with all my lane-swapping and crazy curves (and occasional U-turns).

          Glad someone mentioned the book idea too – since I am like wise old-fashionedly inclined. A couple more and I may start to pursue it.

          If you havent listened to the audios I encourage you to do so, as the material is being worked into new shapes and nuance via dialogues and trilogues – maybe you’d like to participate?

      • I will admit I haven’t taken the time to get much into all the audio stuff yet. I listened to the 42 Minutes interview you posted a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed some of what went on there. When you say “participate” what are you meaning?

      • That’s what I thought you meant but wanted to be sure before I sign up for something I may regret later, haha! I’ll have to seriously think on that one because I’m a fairly private person and am not a fan of “putting oneself out there” in that way for lack of a better way to put it. In the meantime if you should need some original musical backdrop to any of your audio/video output I’d be happy to contribute in that department. I recently “followed” you on SoundCloud so you can find me there under this same name. I have a few things uploaded you can check out if to get a little taste of what I do if you’re interested.

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