42 Minutes Interview


Despite an upset tummy, I had a blast (no pun intended). I’d say it’s one of the best interviews I’ve done, so thanks to the SyncBook team for the opportunity to hack away at some sacred cows. Download here.

(Subjects covered: retards & rectal probes,  perception as incarnation, Strieber & Crucial Fictions, Chris Knowles (very briefly), the 2012 Let-Down, autism & the evolution-delusion, living knowledge, [enlightenment teacher] Dave O & the Enlightenment Transmission.)

8 thoughts on “42 Minutes Interview

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  2. This really is an excellent interview. The interviewers are relaxed, informed and truly interested in hearing what you have to say. I do no sense any agenda on their part at all. Their questions allowed you to highlight and expand upon your writing here and at Crucialfictions. They impressed me enough to want to start following their podcasts too:-)

  3. It was a fascinating last six minutes that held me in grips. Even the last two questions they squeeze in there as for your grand vision of crucial fictions was a great way to come to a climax. The interviewers are Philip K. Dick fans so your analogy intertwining PKD & transmission was nice finesses.

  4. Thanks to both, always nice to have feedback. I said to the guys in the after-chat that having a time limit seemed to allow for an unusual degree of focus, directed energy, like a laser.

    Also, I said a prayer to the ET before the show (“Use Me!”), so maybe that helped?

    Just the sort of comment that can get me into trouble, I’m sure….! ; )

  5. RE the interview……jake in his comments to the interviwers about his syncronicity feelings said something to the effect that the syncronistic phenomina was more a less a happening that was universal……i tend to agree with jake,although i take r a w`s dont know/maybe` s mind position on this….i think jake might also agree with ra wilson also…. now my position……from a personal syncronistic position ,syncros have happened to me that are equal to winning a mega mega lottery one lasting over 40 years it started in 1972 when i was 38 years old…..that`s another story although i beleive a good one…….i beleive that synco`s are a gift from the mystery ie god to help us in our personal spiritual evolution and once we get the gift we have our part to play in following or trying to follow the thread as i said my thread has lasted for over 40 years and has served me well and the thread is still continuing along with the syncos…….the lord helps those who help themselves…….comments for and against would be appreciated namaste`dermott

  6. I think when we not only notice but respond to the cues which life gives us then they increase. Like any other dialogue, it starts with listening (noticing), and grows and develops with response (action). I could have mentioned that I wouldn’t have even been doing the POI project if I hadn’t noticed and responded to such “cues” – and that the real boon of the sync life is freedom from (the illusion of) making mind-based decisions.

    I didn’t because I was pointing out, rather indirectly, that talking about syncs, interpreting or turning them into a system or philosophy is separate from (& maybe even adverse to) having a moment-to-moment relationship with them, the difference between discussing food and eating.

    The interpretation of a sync, IMHO, is in one’s response to it, i.e., what one does, not says, about it.

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