Kenneth Grant to Jason Wynd, on “The Humalien Agenda”

Below is a scan of a letter from Kenneth Grant to myself from 2002 in which he discusses material that would eventually be incorporated into Homo Serpiens. It’s somewhat pertinent since he discusses the alleged “hybrid” alien agenda. I have a bunch of these letters, so if anyone’s interested in seeing more, let me know and I’ll post them.

Grant jan 1aGrant jan 1b

10 thoughts on “Kenneth Grant to Jason Wynd, on “The Humalien Agenda”

  1. Interesting though the occult lingo is beyond me. I used to be intrigued by Aleister Crowley, but now the name churns my stomach.

  2. Would love to see more of these, sometimes I have felt like shouting “What ?” at Mr Grant when his writings become too obtuse, and I swear he made words up on occasion but all in all I do find his stuff interesting.

  3. I can’t remember the Indian word for the top chakra off hand, in Kabbalistic meditation you are supposed to builld up the sephiroth in your aura, one school of thought says you should back into the tree, the other says you should imagine going into it forwards, and they argue ! But either way Kether corresponds to your crown chakra. I don’t know if the objective world is a delusion, it’s certainly a place where the highest and lowest cook up together, so to speak, but what is reality in the end ? Different things to different folks. Bit of a late night ramble here !

  4. Hello Mr. Horusly! I apologize for posting this off topic comment here, but i no longer have an account at the Rig Int forum and can’t find any contact info for you on this site.

    I was very interested to see forum member Simulist’s quote of your material in this comment :

    on the “Will the Real Whitely Strieber Stand Up?” thread. This section in particular spoke to me: “…profound dream, possessed by the visceral and overwhelming certainty that something terrible had happened to me, or to reality itself. Something had been altered in some fundamental way, and everything was now terribly and irrevocably wrong. The change I perceived was tiny, infinitesimal, yet it had somehow caused the fabric of reality to come undone, leaving me adrift on a dark, indescribably vast sea of confusion and despair.” (from Prisoner of Infinity, Chapter 2).

    From as early as i can remember i had a recurring nightmare which could well be described as you have yours above. This nightmare was pre-verbal (i could not talk and did not have the idea of verbal language in the ‘time’ in which i experienced the ‘events’ in the nightmare) and almost pre-body in feel. Of course, it’s indescribable but your words seem to point to something very very like. It was ontologically upsetting, and i had that nightmare pretty regularly until around age 9 or 10? The felt/lived experience of the nightmare was bad enough, but even worse was the not having the slightest clue what in the hell it could be about. And having it once would have been bad, but on a recurring basis….all i can say is that it was one of the biggest mysteries of my life.

    In my early thirties i spent some time living in a tibetan buddhist meditation center, during this time i also spent a couple of years sitting in meditation with Leslie Temple Thurston at least once a month. She gave the advice that if we wanted to develop certain qualities, help in cultivating helpful habits, or in getting sticky serious questions answered to ask our guides in a sincere fashion and to be open to seeing and accepting the answer to our queries. I had experimented with this advice of hers and found it to be quite useful, most particularly in toning down my rampant, uncontrolled empathic abilities. So i asked whatwas up with that vexing nightmare, and found that it was a memory of incarnation this last time around. This is distinct from the birth trauma, thought incarnation was very traumatic for me.

    Since that time i’ve not had the nightmare and it doesn’t bother me anymore either. FWIW, Happy Day! steph

    • Hi Steph, thanks for posting, I’m not really someone who trusts much in past-life trauma to explain current troubles, for the simple reason that it entails hopscotching over closer to home suppressed memories which are irrefutably in the body, as opposed to the ‘akashic records,’ etc (I guess you could say it’s “all” in the DNA, but that’s not traumatic material, if it was, we wouldn’t be able to even move, much less reproduce). After all, why stop at past incarnations, why not go back to the original trauma of the God-“head” splitting off into matter.

      at the same time if it works, it works. I don’t suffer from these nightmares now but frankly, I almost wish I did, since whatever’s behind them probably has to be accessed through re-experiencing those feelings and affects.

      I think such traumatic-dissociation states relate to both something fundamental about consciousness (that the ego cannot survive contact with infinity?) and specific events in our past (this one) which may or may not need to be cleared out for self-acceptance and the resulting wholeness to occur (I mean it probably depends on the individual whether self-acceptance requires scrutinizing the past – in one form of therapy or another – or not).

      Your account seems to suggest that you continued having the nightmare into your 30s? If so we differ there, as I haven’t had it since I was about 18 or so.

      Yet the mystery remains unsolved.

  5. Wow, fantastiv that you have these letters from Kenny G! Please do post more of them, they are treasures. It says much about you that Kenneth Grant responded to you in such detail. That must have been wonderful to speak with him. Did you ever meet him face to face?
    -Michael Aghorus

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