2 thoughts on “New Essay, Images, and Audios at Crucial Fictions

  1. I was looking through the photo galleries at Crucialfictions this week and was struck by the similarity of the drawings that you post to that of dendrites.

    Here is the wikipedia link for dendrites:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendrite

    These branching appendages serve to conduct the electrochemical signals to brain cells. At least to me, the delicate, looping tracery of the drawings, and their connecting points reminded me of dendrites. And I believe you mention that in your dream, the phrase “intelligent limbs” kept resonating in your mind. Well…these branches are the “limbs” of these cells and they are the conduit for information…intelligent and otherwise:-)

    And given that dreams often take great delight in puns and wordplay…I think you were right to remember it. There was a message and/or metaphor coming through to you.

    Perhaps you noticed this already, but I was quite struck by it.

    • I sure didn’t. It makes sense that I would “automatically” (ie unconsciously) draw the inside of my body, since that’s where my attention most wants and needs to go – to the hidden gold.

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