Ed Conroy’s 1989 Interview with Whitley Strieber from Report on Communion

Better late than never, I finally got a hold of Ed Conroy’s Report on Communion. The first thing I noticed was that the opening chapters of the book are “Through a Looking Glass Darkly,” and “Will the Real Whitley Strieber Please Stand Up?” That got my attention, and here’s why:

The original version of my Strieber piece, in 2008 and as it first appeared at Rigorous Intuition, had the title “Will the Real Whitley Strieber Please Stand Up? Through a Fractured Glass Darkly“! It was kind of embarrassing to see that, because anyone who’d read Conroy’s book can only have assumed that I had brazenly ripped him off, when the truth was (maybe even more embarrassing) I hadn’t actually read it.

Now I finally have, and what most impressed me about it is the closing interview with Strieber. Since I couldn’t find it anywhere else on line, I am reproducing a full scan of it here. Of particular note is how WS uses the term “companions of God,” which ten years later he attributed to the Master of the Key. He also posits multiple universes, which he claimed was a totally new and even absurd idea to him when TMOK mentioned it, in 1998.

More generally, I was struck by just how lucid, profound, and original a thinker he comes across as being back in 1987, and how many of his more unique and inspiring ideas were never developed further. Why not? Chalk it up to one more of the many enigmata of Whitley Strieber.

Report on Communion 1
Report on Communion 2

Report on Communion 3Report on Communion 4Report on Communion 5Report on Communion 6

7 thoughts on “Ed Conroy’s 1989 Interview with Whitley Strieber from Report on Communion

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  2. You know, Jason? I’m really thankful you uploaded these pages, because they coaxed me to expand my thinking prior to the viewing of Steven Greer’s documentary SIRIUS.

    And it’s not like I’m a big fan of Greer. In fact I’m kind of repulsed by him –remember your podcast interview with Mike?– but nonetheless I felt it was my duty to watch it because I intended to comment on it on my MU column.

    So, my point is that I was kind of startled of Whitley’s strongly negative reaction towards the film, because the Report on Communion pages show that he once had some very interesting ideas re. ‘neotenization’ & how he speculated that Greys are artificially matured human fetuses –kinda like an amphibian axolotl.

    And if you consider those ideas, then the genetic results on the so-called Atacama humanoid could be interpreted as supporting those notions.

    In any case, thank you for promoting the expansion of my worldview 🙂


  3. Hey RPJ

    I’m glad someone found it useful. I noticed that in his interview with WS (presumably by email) Mac Tonnies brought up this material and the idea of neoteny but WS ignored the question.

    What’s the connection with Greer and my interview with Mike Clelland?

    I also started watching Sirius this week, having not heard about WS’s reaction. I thought the timing was interesting, what with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (http://www.citizenhearing.org/) and the Crucial Fictions project all lining up like that.

    I find it hard to take the film seriously (pun intended), hard as it wants, and demands, to be (maybe that’s why).

    • Well, Mike made it perfectly clear that he dislikes Greer, and IMHO he has every reason to feel that way.

      I agree, the timing is interesting.

      PS: I’ve been meaning to ask Strieber directly via Twitter, but i don’t have the spine for it.

  4. What I am about to say will take some mulling over for most people.
    First – those who abducted and visited WS also did the same with Da Vinci and Nostradamus… and very likely Mother Shipton as well because she prophecizes the same things. They all do, They are not alone. The overall group are called by Nostradamus the Cassiopeian. Within that group is another which Nostradamus calls the ”ELOIM” which are the Elohim of the Bible, the Guardians of the Living Library – under the auspices of the Watchers, who are extra dimensional, we call them the Andromeda Council. The Anakim are the only ‘zoo-keepers’ and everything for service to self – except for E.Yah/Enki. Another abductee of these same Eloim is David Huggins and one of his paintings shows a group of nine. These are the Eloim, and they include the dwarf and the taller grey of WS. They also include a green Uan/Oannes/Dagon affiliated with the Anakim. The negative Oannes are red in colour – also allied with the Anakim who call themselves SA.AM. Linda Porter, another abducted by a Mantis of the Eloim states the same details as David Huggins. As did the late Karla Turner, who states the same things Nostradamus did regarding our sun ”going bronze”… and all the ”predictions” of WS come from the future via what Nostradamus calls a ”stage gate/stargate” which has ”seven conduits”, that is, different ways of seeing things in the future – for instance, via a ”looking glass” instead of a full body experience, and there are three different ways of doing that

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