Scientism, Strieber, & the Alien Question


While putting together a revised version of The Lucid View for Amazon’s Createspace, I found there was a problem with page numbers & index, etc, and that the simplest way to fix it was to add a page’s worth of material in the relevant spot: the end of Chapter Six, “Loving the Alien.”

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is what I wrote.

Boy, have I come a long way since I first wrote this chapter, and even since I last revised and updated the book back in 2008. There is a whole socio-political and above all psychological dimension to the question of alien-human interaction, or the belief in such, of which I was more or less blissfully unaware until the last few years.

With any luck, this dimension can still be found, between the lines of the present work, since at some level I must have been conscious of it. But what I wasn’t conscious of, until very recently, was the degree to which my own desire to believe (my own Mulder Complex) was influencing my perceptions. What is a lucid view? A clear, clean perception of phenomena unencumbered and undistorted by personal trauma and patterns of emotional deficiency and desire. The alien-UFO question is one about which, I would argue, no one can be impartial. The reason is that it feeds into our most fundamental psychological uncertainties and questions about our place within the larger framework of existence.

The alien is a new(ish) bottle for the old wine of religious longing and terror; it was unavoidable that it would become the vessel for faith, and so it has. It’s probably the most powerful political image, or meme, there is today precisely because, with the alien and the UFO, religion and science meet to forge an uneasy, sickly union—“scientism.” While potentially offering to be the best of both worlds, what has occurred in almost all cases, I fear, is a combination of the worst qualities of each into an unholy hybrid.

The externalized psyche of the UFO-mandala, instead of being recognized as such and embraced into a full body integration, has instead been adorned with all manner of concretized images and fashioned into a mental projection of a “Merkaba” with which we aspire, like born-again Christans awaiting the Rapture, to be lifted up by the Mother Ship and carried into the bosom of the Universe without ever getting our feet planted on the ground.

Whitley Strieber put it well enough in Communion: “If what I was dealing with amounted to some sort of deep and instinctive attempt to create a new deity for myself, to remain agnostic was to put the conscious me in the interesting position of opposing my own unconscious aim.”

Alas, if the case of Strieber is one to go by, and I think it is, then the unconscious will always win out in such a contest, for the very reason that it goes immeasurably deeper than our conscious intentions can ever go, or ever hope to influence.

10 thoughts on “Scientism, Strieber, & the Alien Question

  1. being awake to oneself and ones surroundings increases the intensity of the impressions so that they affect the spin of the electrons that are present in the nervous system. In this context,being awake means being aware of ones owns self while at the same time absorbing impressions from the outside….whitley streiber….in a dialogue with the MASTER in the key….now this i beleive is far out energy work which i have been involved in for many years……conscious or unconscious i would like peoples opinions did a guy really knock on whitleys door,did whitley make it up in his readings of gurdjieff,reich,setn and god knows how many others……..the question remains for me the master of the key, fiction or not or maybe an entity other worldly or not with powers and information we are not privileged to know just musing namaste` dermott

  2. My current interest in The Key is not in what’s true in it but what isn’t true, and how the truth may be being used as a delivery device for a form of disinformation, or at best coded information, that, if taken literally = disinformation.

    For example, the idea is presented on the first or second page that the child who would have “unlocked the secrets of gravity” was never born due to the Holocaust, and because of that, we are “trapped” on the Earth?

  3. very good jake as i was saying just musing and very curious……i guess we will never really know just whitley and the master are priveleged to that information however if you discredit other info …what isn`t true…..that could shed some light…ie past performance in relation to not telling the truth thanks for the reply derm

  4. I was more asking your opinion on that – i.e., does it seem like a realistic scenario to you – both the holocaust thing and the idea of the planet being a death trap?

    Then there is the larger question of contextualized information – if truth is framed by false context, is it still truth? The context of The Key, or so it seems to me, is a combination of religious hope and paranoia about saving the soul with ecological apocalypcism and the drive to get off the planet. That gives to it an urgency and a specific direction in which the energy of that urgency is supposed to be going.

    For example, “Who does not meditate, disintegrates.” Allowing this is true, is it helpful? Is this sort of “motivation” (I must meditate or I will disintegrate after death) conducive to a healthy, balanced approach to spirituality and to life?

    If we look to WS as an example of the effects of such knowledge, what does it tell us?

  5. i take it you mean meditate but maybe not….i`m not the one to ask being a big fan of meditation and i certainly can improve on my mediation techniques….i`m sorry jake but all this stuff seems to be way over my head….i teach tai chi and am interested in body consciousness re the gut brain… meditation for me is trying to be aware of the moment and using the body is one way not the only way ……because just sitting and trying to be aware of the breath in/out yin/yang is certainly more difficult FOR ME and makes me realizes what a drunken monkey mind i`ve got even after 40 years of practice. as for disintegrating i`ll leave that up to others…re the holocaust.sort no it does not seem realistic to me as for the planet being a death trap it certainly seems that if we keep on going the way we are its a definite possibilty sometime in the future.. however i beleive in a larger SELF .SOUL ORIGINAL MIND…that does not disintegrate along the edgar cayce idea however my practice is CHAN BUDDHISM shaolin teaching and bodhidharma is my guy…. namaste` derm

  6. i`m sorry jake re the drive to get off the planet maybe for the master and whitley but not for me.. if truth is framed by false context truth is truth as somebody once said you have to seperate the wheat from the chaf or something like know what i mean… any case occams razor for me ….. everything is connected everything changes pay attention derrm

  7. definitely not over my head well maybe a little….and then some …..but que sera sera…….all to complicated but you do have to know a little about spin ,taichi,bions wilhelm reich which i`m sure you do……electrons and sub atomic paricles and consciousness at the subatomic level but thats all at an intellectual level which means diddley poop…..the proof is in the doing whether its sking ,taichi ,meditation , gold prospecting or what……… in any case i find myself being drawn into a confrontational scenario so i must say goodbye namaste` derm

  8. How do you feel about Dolores Cannon and her wild ideas? Because Whitey Strieber’s The Key seems like just a cheap imitation of her work.

  9. Cheap, really?

    I have read Dolores Cannon and enjoyed it at the time, but I am sure I would regard it with the same degree of skepticism as I regard all of this material lately.

    Can you give specific comparisons?

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