Synesthesia Cinema, Part1B: Intense Worlds

If possible, watch on Youtube with HD setting.

An Autistic Explores His Apartment and Other Perceptual Mysteries. Featuring Mark Lawn. Songs by Big Blood.

Until autists can communicate our inner experience people will just dismiss us as retarded, autistic, disabled, challenged, weird, whatever it is.

Lyrics from Big Blood’s “My Last Days as a Fish” (thanks Caleb!):

Bending arrows and feelin’ like a bird
we were sparrows flying negating all the words
your ladies directions were usually heard in part
But we listened with our eyes and usually stole with our hearts
My fingers on the memories now but the details are poor
Though I still recall my last breath up from the ocean floor
that was the last drop of air that I ever got as a fish
and all my orders now go back to that wish

Digging to china could never happen in a day
The labor is the thing of it anyway
This memories like an arrow and I’m feeling like a bird
Recalling every sense of it with none of the words

in the arms of that old hag of a tree
I threw that headless figurine over your knee
you pulled up your hood & claimed your voodoo charms
planted your foot in my mouth & threw out your arms
Rake us down from the sky with your damaged wings
We’ll reject our parents names with every swing
We were always running muddy hands through the leaves
Now I see we where only Looking for the breeze

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