This Blog Will Soon Be Moving: Be Sure & Follow Us

I hope that over the weekend I will have my new website, operational, at which time this blog and all its content will move over to a new url.

As part of the collateral damage of this shift, I will “lose” all my followers – that’s you. The number went up to 178 in a fairly short period, a very gratifying show of eyes and fingers; now it will plummet all the way back to zero unless/until you follow me to the new site and subscribe again. So don’t be slackers! I will be rounding up the Perceptual Warfare piece also over the next few days, and probably save the last post for the new blog site.

If you need further incentive, I’ll also be offering a free PDF of one of my books, as well as some of my articles there – at least as soon as I sort out the software.

Bee Well

Jasun Horusly

2 thoughts on “This Blog Will Soon Be Moving: Be Sure & Follow Us

  1. Hello, I nominated you for the illuminating blog award, you are on the list on my page, so you can pass it on to five blogs you like. I am sorry you are moving! I will be sure to follow you on your new site 🙂

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