Holographic Nature and the Internal Guidance System (Perceptual Warfare 20)

Children (and especially animals) don’t only learn through imitation, however. A child learns to stand up and toddle without copying the muscle movements of adults or other children. The body comes with an innate awareness of how to function in its environment. Cases of feral children in many ways resemble autistic children[i], but one obvious difference is that low-functioning autistic children are dependent on their caregivers to survive, while feral children are dependent on no one. One thing we can deduce from this is that culture and socialization has little to do with physical survival. So what is it for?

The body’s innate ability to function within its environment (at least a natural environment) is called instinct. The cultural assumption (the consensus) is that instinct is not enough. In fact, at a certain point, instinct is seen as the enemy of culture. Socialization and enculturation, as Freud described, entails the suppression of instincts in order to prevent unchecked sexuality and barbarism (i.e., mimetic violence). Yet animals get along fine without a culture, and whatever else they may be, humans are animals. Culture is meant to represent our superiority over the other animals; it is seen as an expression of our higher nature. But all the evidence would suggest the reverse. Bees know how to build complex structures. Birds know when and where to migrate to. Pigeon, eels, and most other creatures know their way home no matter how far they are from it. It’s as if they have their own GPS system, which may in fact be so. In Magical Child, Joseph Chilton Pearce writes,

[J]ust as you can divide a holographic plate and find the whole picture in any piece, so the brain can be considered just such a piece of the earth, reflecting within it the picture or workings of the whole life system. The human brain may be a kind of microminiature replica of the living planet [and] we can consider our brains pieces of the earth hologram, just as any and all parts of the earth are pieces of a greater hologram. . .  At birth, the brain, as a hologram fragment, must have exposure to and interact with the earth hologram to achieve clarity, to bring the brain’s picture into focus. . .  Those brains reflecting highly specific aspects of the earth, such as the brain of a homing pigeon or a bee, achieve rapid autonomy. The greater the potential content of the brain hologram, the slower the process of clarification. . . . In moving from simpler to more complex  thinkings [sic] organs, life’s growth has been towards a more open intelligence and a more flexible logic. The more open the intelligence, the greater the totality of the earth that hologram can express. . . . Each animal is able to interact with the earth within certain strict limits. Lower brains are not holograms of the whole earth, only certain aspects of that earth. The simpler the brain, the more specific its programming and the more readily it can efficiently interact with the earth. . . . Human infants have a long, slow development of autonomy, they are more helpless for a longer period than infants of any other species.

If human beings have a similar, more advanced, internal guidance system to animals, then learning by imitation — adopting the social language — may not be essential to our survival at all. There may be no need for culture or for externally shaped group arrangements. These things may only be a distortion of our true natures and a distraction from them. They may also cause a disruption of our internal guidance system.

[i]A perhaps less than unimpeachable source, Bruno Bettelheim, wrote about this in “Feral Children and Autistic Children,” The American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 64, No. 5. (Mar., 1959), pp. 455-467.: “Study of the so-called feral children, and comparison of them with known and well-observed wild autistic children, suggests strongly that their behavior is due in large part, if not entirely, to extreme emotional isolation combined with experiences which they interpreted as threatening them with utter destruction. It seems to be the result of some persons’ — usually their parents’ — inhumanity and not the result, as was assumed, of animals’ — particularly wolves’ — humanity. To put it differently, feral children seem to be produced not when wolves behave like mothers but when mothers behave like non-humans. The conclusion tentatively forced on us is that, while there are no feral children, there are some very rare examples of feral mothers, of human beings who become feral to one of their children,” p. 467. See also Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism, by Paul Collins, in which the author, compares his autistic son to the case of Peter the Wild Boy, a feral, nearly mute child found naked in the German countryside in 1725 and eventually given an adoptive home. Jill Dawson’s Wild Boy (which I haven’t read) presents the theory that “the wild boy of Aveyron” a feral child who allegedly “lived his entire childhood naked and alone in the woods before being found wandering the woods near Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance, France, in 1797,” was history’s first autistic child. The wild boy was the subject of François Truffaut’s film L’Enfant Sauvage, released in 1970. One website offers an interesting theory about feral children that might also be applied to autists (as well as Zen monks and samurai warriors!): “This explains their inexplicably blunt responses to life. In other words, they respond bluntly to their life events, not because they lack socialization skills but rather because they do not blame (as in civilized blaming). Or perhaps a better way to say this would be that the essence of what we consider being ‘socialized,’ and ‘civilized’ in fact, is that we can explain our suffering. Thus feral children remain uncivilized because they do not attempt to explain their suffering. They simply react to it.” http://www.theemergencesite.com/QandA/QA051219-Conscious-Subconscious-Unconscious.htm

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  1. I just saw this cool video. Fox news did a segment on a genius 12 year old with aspergers. At the end a book called ‘Autism and The God Connection’ is handed over to the parents. So that is some favourable publicity about autists… except that the interviewer has disdain for the kid and imo is rude and hostile to him, though he covers it up with a joking tone. The program might seem positive in regards to autism, though under the surface it’s ulterior motive may be to introduce the public to the new scapegoat: the autist. Viewers imitate the people they see on television (often reverentially, religiously), so the interviewer’s attitude towards the kid may be what the programmers intend to make the viewers imitate. The video is almost 2 year old so media programming may have changed. A lot of money, time, planning, strategy and effort go into these major network presentations, so every little detail is usually edited to deliver the correct punch, the intended programming, so nothing is an accident.

  2. Hey. I have been following you for years now. Keep doing what you are doing, you have really deep knowledge on some topics. Anyway I was wondering of getting into meditation. What is your view on this? Do you meditate? If so what can you reccommend when it comes to literature and/or methods.

    thanks in advance(23 year old dude from norway)

  3. Hi Sindre; the short answer is that I no longer meditate, having done it regularly, even compulsively, during several periods of my life. Certainly I would always advocate going inward and close observation of one’s body processes and outer environment. If meditation helps you to place/keep your attention on the body or to tune into inner currents, that’s great. Many people meditate as a means to achieve some imagined spiritual goal of equanimity or detachment, and this can be a way to avoid the messiness of emotions, a way to control oneself. Spirituality is the opposite of control, and emotions and thoughts don’t need directing or suppressing, IMO, tho it can be illuminating to observe them.

    You will always be better finding your own route than following other people’s – unless you are fortunate enough to find someone genuinely enlightened. . . .

  4. Hmmmm
    First off can you elucidate on why spirituality in your opinion is the opposite of control, through chaos you reach enlightenment? I always thought that the problem today is that people don’t generally know where they are heading. They have no control of their lives and they don’t really know what they want. If you could get control of your mind you could use it for a purpose perhaps. Although my view on this is colored by my student lifestyle. I need more focus in my life on my schedule and life is too chaotic and therefore I haven’t been able to reach my goals when it comes to exams and so on. And I think my brain has changed for the worse because of media like videogames, tv and surfing the web. I have very little focus(maybe it is easier for you because of your slight autism). That is why I want to meditate because I am bombarded by irrelevant information everyday. Maybe I have a utilitarian materialistic view of spirituality as a method to reach materialistic goals. And your are more focused on true enlightenment whatever that means. I don’t know, but I am really intrigued by your view that spirituality is about the opposite of control. And why is really meditation a dead end?

    Yes it is better to follow your own path and not follow the advice of others blindly. But you seem to have used many years of your life reading about topics everyone should read about, but no one cares. It is in a way better to trust an authority that you trust on a topic, because I have not used much time at all at researching these topics. And you yourself have found a teacher Dave Oshana. I am actually wondering about visiting this guy because you like this guy. You have a highly skeptical and analytic approach to these topics and that’s why I value your opinion so much. I simply don’t have the time to do my own research, that is why it seems like the only option is to see what the “experts” have to say and choose which one seems like the most reasonable.

    Another question which I really want you to answer 🙂 . I am thinking of going to south america and having many ayahusca trips for two weeks. I might go here:

    Although I don’t think that psychedelics is the answer, I really want to experience something truly novel since frankly my life has gotten pretty boring lately. What is your view on this?

    This is a lot of questions, but I thank you for your time, this conversations will echo into eternity.

    And yes I am independent enough that I will probably start meditating even though you might disagree. I am just so interested in this because there is very little information on the web that is critical to meditation, and I always want to know both sides.

    • I didn’t disagree with you experimenting with meditation, since you can only find out about it through experience. Maybe ask yourself what meditation even means, & what do you hope to gain through it?

      can you elucidate on why spirituality in your opinion is the opposite of control, through chaos you reach enlightenment?

      Order isn’t the same as control. There is a natural order to everything, but where’s the control? You can’t control your heartbeat or digestion, and why would you need to? Connecting to the intelligence that does ‘control’ these things – from the point of view of your mind – might be a valuable experience. But if you do, you might discover no control is required, only spontaneity.

      the problem today is that people don’t generally know where they are heading. They have no control of their lives and they don’t really know what they want.


      If you could get control of your mind you could use it for a purpose perhaps.

      Like what?

      Is it about having for your purpose getting control over your mind, or putting your mind in service to a higher purpose? If so, what, if not your mind, knows what that purpose is?

      I have very little focus(maybe it is easier for you because of your slight autism). That is why I want to meditate because I am bombarded by irrelevant information everyday.

      Fair enough. What counts, IMO, is finding and following your passion. It may be necessary to remove distractions from your life & go “cold turkey” for a while to locate that inner flame.

      Maybe I have a utilitarian materialistic view of spirituality as a method to reach materialistic goals.

      As long as you are aware of it.

      And your are more focused on true enlightenment whatever that means.

      What does it mean to you?

      I don’t know, but I am really intrigued by your view that spirituality is about the opposite of control. And why is really meditation a dead end?

      I equate spontaneity with spirituality because the lively intelligence within us can only express and move in response to what’s happening right now, not by keeping to predetermined rules or boundaries.

      Meditation is a dead-end if you are making “mindfulness” your goal, because being all the way in the moment means being in the experience of not being all the way in the moment, and not trying to reach an experience which you deem more meaningful, desirable, or real.

      How do you separate spirituality (or meditation) from avoidance?

      And you yourself have found a teacher Dave Oshana.

      I was fortunate, or maybe I followed the right trail of clues, like you are trying to do. Oshana himself eschews followers.

      I am actually wondering about visiting this guy because you like this guy.

      You’re in Norway? A hop, skip & a jump away from Finland!

      Although I don’t think that psychedelics is the answer, I really want to experience something truly novel since frankly my life has gotten pretty boring lately. What is your view on this?

      I wrote about it here: The Serpent’s Promise: The Oldest Exchange of All

      this conversations will echo into eternity.

      typos and all!

      • Very interesting, I am taking a course this semester which is in total 48 hours, and we are going to go through all the different meditation techniques. Do you recommend any particular, if mindfullness meditation is not the answer is there another technique that is? Anyway what i Think I want with meditation is more control of my life and actions. The problem is that I think I am a bit neurotic when it comes to having control, sometimes it might be better to have a perspective that control is not necessary.

        I find Dave Oshana highly interesting, I have read some of his stuff. But the problem is the price for the audio classes is extremely high. In a way it is smart because in our culture if a product costs a lot of money then it automatically has a lot of value. But it could also limit his target audience, but maybe that is good, because the people who pay are more committed. Anyway Maybe I will listen some audio classes(if i have the money), and then go to the summer retreat in finland if I can get in. It seems that the sooner I go the better. Because as he gets more popular the harder and more expensive it will be to talk to him.

        Yes entheogens are probably a dead end.

        And I have one last question. What is your view on transmutation of sexual energy? I have become more and more interested in this topic in recent years. The thing is I don’t have a girlfriend, and I am not into one night stands. I don’t use porn because it is harmful. The question is to masturbate or not to masturbate? If I don’t masturbate won’t I be just creating a blockage in my system, since I don’t have any techniques to transmute the energy? Or maybe I should just masturbate once a month? Anyway I think having orgasms comes at a price, But I am unsure of what to do here… blah, I don’t think anyone has an answer this this question 😦

        • Do you recommend any particular, if mindfullness meditation is not the answer is there another technique that is?

          Tuning into the body and opening up the senses, inner and outer, is what it’s all about, IMO.

          What is your view on transmutation of sexual energy?

          There’s a reason Tantra’s been kept secret. See above ^^^ Following sexual desire to its source is the best way to know how to follow it to an appropriate expression. The hardest thing is uncoupling hormonal desire from patterns, from the psychic wound. Pure lust is as rare as true love, and basically it’s the same thing. ; )

          The question is to masturbate or not to masturbate? If I don’t masturbate won’t I be just creating a blockage in my system, since I don’t have any techniques to transmute the energy?

          “Don’t knock masturbation: it’s sex with someone [you] love.” Or it can be.

          Hope this helps.

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  6. “And I have one last question. What is your view on transmutation of sexual energy?”

    The gnostic and taoist teachings on this subect are pretty interesting in this regard. They talk about how you face psychological battles as this energy builds up within you, symbolic battles of the elements, fire, air, earth, water. I talk about this subject with my buddy and we both agree it is better to lean on the more conservative side. It’s healthier. You actually do increase your energy levels in general I find by practicing transmutation. I just try to focus on doing things constructively. And stimulating my intellect seems to be a good substitute for sexual fantasies, as well as exercise, art, whatever you are passionate about. Just look at how the average person lives and their habits and see how much energy they have. If someone is not getting the results you want, don’t listen to them or do what they do. But imo opinion, compulsive gratificationis not as healthy as is generally accepted.

  7. This is a reply to both jason and lycaeus, would be interesting if you had any thoughts to this. In a way my interest in this subject is because I want to have a healthy lifestyle, so in the same way one optimizes diet, one can also optimize pneuma(sexual energy is an aspect of this lifeenergy) energi use. But this question is difficult, and tantra might be nice, I have no experience of it, but there are some very interesting criticisms of it. This is a compilation of the viewpoint of reuniting.info site. They practice something called karezza in taoism it is called “dual cultivation”. This is from a closed norwegian site so sorry for the errors. I am more inclined to this viewpoint on the matter.

    Orgasm and Sacred Sexuality.

    Orgasm is the most potent legal drug. It is the second drug that we get introduced to, the first being sugar. People who eat much sugar in they younger days are more prone to get addicted to masturbation in their teens, and those who get addicted to masturbation are more prone to get into all other types of drugs. The reason for this is that the reward center in the brain becomes les sensitive to dopamine and needs stronger and stronger stimuli. To the point that they don’t find rewarding the normal things in life, like socializing, talking to people, the only important in life becomes the drug of choice, masturbating to Nett porn or one night stands.
    Would you take cocaine every day? No? Ok, then you have to now that the orgasm effect on the brain is the same. After an orgasm there is a fourteen-day recovery period to homeostasis (the neurochemicals return to their normal balanced state), in this period there are many phases for the different neurotransmitters, for example it takes seven days for testosterone receptors to return to their normal sensitivity. There is a difference between man and woman here, the woman’s sensibility to testosterone increases and the mans sensitivity decreases (blood levels does remain the same). What this means is clear man becomes feminized and woman becomes more masculine. And we all now in what manner testosterone levels affect the psyche and character.

    Here is where modern tantriks have missed the point, it is not so much that we loose energy with the ejaculation of the semen, but is the orgasm itself that is the problem. Modern tantriks focus on getting better, bigger and more orgasms, but without ejaculation for the man. The good point in modern tantra is that it focus also on prolonging the sex act so that both man and woman produce large amounts of the trusting hormone oxytocin, this hormone is the one that makes the union and cooperation of the sexes possible (if it is not opposed by the separating hormonal cocktail with and orgasm). The orgasm creates a series of hormonal changes; at the moment of the orgasm there is released prolactine, its function is to stop the “Horny” or “I must have it” hormone dopamine and creates the passivity in man right after sex, but it stops not there prolactine have a fourteen day cycle were it goes up and down, and in the ups and downs of the cycle it stimulate feelings of guilt, despair, anxiety (there is a very close link between social anxiety and low dopamine and high prolactine).
    When we are in this fourteen-day cycle our mates seem to us much less rewarding. And most people have an orgasm more than once every fourteen days so most people are constant in this cycle of neurochemical fluctuations.

    Most who read this are now scared to death, “what, can I not have orgasm anymore?” well all who have tried some real sacred sexuality techniques will never return to procreative (orgasm) sex, because it is much, much les fulfilling and superficial.
    At some point in history tantra and Taoists sex (also in the east) lost its essence. Now tantra is all about performance, how to get an orgasm without ejaculating, and become multiorgasmic or have sex for many hours.

    The reality is that there are to types of sex:

    1-Solar plexus focused: This can be of to types, one is the normal sex with ejaculation, and the other is the tantric performance type sex. Both stimulate the sympathetic nervous system associated with the solar plexus. This types of sex stimulates dopamine and testosterone in the brain, and inflates the ego and the ego means separation of the sexes. By ego here I mean that part of ourselves that think it is separate from all other people and is driven by fear of lack.

    2-Heart center focused: Can also be called meditative sex. Here the focus is on love and union, and the movement is slow and relaxed and many pauses without movement. After some time one goes into a feeling of union and pleasure, as this type of sex simulates the parasympathetic nervous system like meditation does. It is not difficult to see that is this type of sex is what were the goal of genuine tantra union of the horizontal polarities and the vertical union of the couple with the divine conciousnes.

    The biggest difference between the to types is that one stimulates the ego and gives you a short ego-trip and the other leaves you with a inner peace and love that lasts long time afterwards, for weeks or more and becomes permanent with time, not to say that it heals almost all anxieties, neurosis…

    What happens at the orgasm? The consciousness at the time of the orgasm becomes focused on the material plane and we experience the short loss of consciousness we call orgasm (misinterpreted by many as a spiritual experience) its a short return to the elemental state of matter. Why does this happen? It is a natural thing that procreative sex focus the consciousness in the lower chakras associated with the material plane, its function is to attract a soul that seeks incarnation to this level of consciousness (the sacral center). This type of sex activates the biological genetic program, which has a very basic programming and is to spread the genes. Without going to details here it make the man the couple to make a baby and then separate to spread the genes with other potential mates. It can also be called the infidelity program, the genes does not care about the couple emotional wellbeing but only to ensure the survival of the species.
    The neurotransmitters involved are very high dopamine (lust/desire) to seek a mate—>Dopamine peaks at orgasm—>Prolactine (sends signal that once is enough, and the man losses his erection)—>Prolactine cycles the next 14 days and make us loose interest in our mate (but novel mates becomes very interesting), this is the procreative program to spread the genes. The reason that many couples stay together are the neurochemical cocktail that we call falling in love (and lasts max to years, but for some one night is enough: the one night stand phenomenon), this is also a part of this program to ensure that we take care of the baby.

    As explained above there are another form of sex, the non-procreative or sacred sexuality. In this type of sex we seek to avoid the procreative program and activate another program: the bonding or union program. With this type of sex the consciousness gets focused on the heart center and from this center in the couple achieves the at-one-ness of consciousness at all levels mental, emotional and physical. And through this union the couple can achieve higher states of consciousness than they would as separated individuals.
    With this kind of meditative sex the neurochemicals involved are a balanced dopamine level that motivates us—>we release oxytocin (bonding hormone) during sex, specially if it lasts more than 28 minutes—>the couple ends with a feeling of union that lasts long time after sex and with time becomes permanent, the oxytocin receptors are different than the dopamine receptors in that they became more sensitive to oxytocin each time they become stimulated, creating feelings of trust and union. Massage, kissing, touch and looking your partner into the eyes also stimulate oxytocin. Social phobia and autism are diseases associated with low oxytocin and they are caractericed by a lack of trust in people and inability to bond.

    Sometimes the effect of sacred sex are called valley orgasm, but I think this is a misleading term because it does not resemble a orgasm, but it is much more fulfilling and life changing than some seconds of normal orgasm. The other reason that is misleading is that the term orgasm is something that we seek to archive and the effect of sacred sex happens automatically, it builds up itself and we need only to focus on the union.

    comments to article:
    1) In a very general way: in Tantra, sex without ejac was used to enter the higher realms; while in China, sex without ejac was to used to improve vitality, virility and longevity.

    2) In both Tantra and Taoism there was the danger of deviating this sexual art into “psychic vampirism”, and this did occur.

    3) After max. 45 minutes a sort of sexual satiety sets in (I guess for both partners), and by this time the electromagnetism between the genitals has been thoroughly soaked and reduced by the female secretions.

    4) For me “the two types of sex” (solar vs. heart focused) are natural phases or modes used in the SAME act.
    Kommentert av Jan Erik den 27 januar 2010 kl. 8.32
    Yes they are natural phases of the same act. I explained it very black and white here to make the point clear…In the heart focused there is also a passionate focus (solar plexus) and is this passion that becomes transmuted to the heart. But if the focus is only in the passion/desire (solar plexus), then we have a tendence to gravitate to the orgasm, because the function of the solar plexus is desire/ territorial dominance/ motivation. From a solar plexus focus we want the orgasm for ourselves and there is a focus on doing not being.

    The most important point is that the orgasm starts the biological separation programing, and this effect is the same for the male and the female. In tantra and taoism there is the belive that the woman does not loose energy with the orgasm. Modern neurological research have showed that maybe there is not so much a question of loosing energy, but that the orgasm focus the conciousness in the mammal brain (associated with the solar plexus), and we loose contact with the higher brain (associated with the heart center and higher centers). The result is that we become dominated by the instictual brain and its programing (with orgasm).

    One tipe is ego and instictual focused and the other is soul focused and focus the conciousness in the higher brain and heart center.

  8. Sindre, thanks for writing that, it was very insightful. I think it’s something that should be talked about more often. I know the the male tends to lose more energy in orgasm than the female becuause the female is like a container that holds the fluids from being released, so it’s probably more of a male concern. My brother and sister indulge in sex a lot and it bugs me a bit that they may developing more of an addictive, compulsive personality that would only lead to more suffering since they are pretty frivolous to say the least. Mainstream culture recommends over indulgence in a lot of ways with the intent to keep us content and complacent… ‘Don’t rock the boat!’… I know Jake wrote Matrix Warrior way back in the day and talked about how sex is the most energy depleting thing we can do. But he is a changed person. It should be regarded with caution and a balanced mindset. Sex without love is pointless imo. The fluids you use are loaded with essential nutrients, it’s your life force, and should be used appropriately.

    I’ve talked to a psychic online who was taught by a so-called ET or imaginal being’ you could say, and I remember what he had to say about sex and ‘etheric energy’ (what he calls ‘influence’). Basically, when you have sex with someone your ‘influence’ mixes (your energy, etheric energy, that nonphysical stuff that generates your unique vibe, your psychic energy). So people who have sex with a lot of people end up absorbing a lot of different people’s influence. It mixes with your energy to an extent dependent on the strength of your psychic ‘lines of association’. Sex creates strong lines of association. So a person might be with a person of the same race and have a child, though the child may have peculiar characteristics unlike their biological parents, such as slight racial differences, personality differences, etc… This is because one parent had the ‘influence’ of another (through generation of psychic lines of association) person they had copulated with in the past, and the child took on those characteristics. I think this is why virgins are seen as more pure, but this is purely speculative from my view, and esoteric, and doesn’t really fit in with the style of this blog. Though it’s very [insert word more interesting than ‘interesting’ here]

    I must say though, that comment about autists being diseased was an unexpected kick in the nuts. If you read this entire blog, it is obviously clear that there is more to autism than ‘low oxytocin, lack of trust and ability to bond’.It’s a difference in perception for the most part. Maybe neurotypicals are not able to bond in the ‘subtle’ ways that autists can, because their perception is wired differently, so they interpret that as ‘inability to bond’ because they are *cough* blind *cough* in some way?

    • oh yeah I didn’t write it, it is posted somewhere else, but I didn’t want to use the time to compile the information in one article, so I just posted his article here.

      It is interesting regarding the child gaining characteristics from you having several partners. I have read that before, but that was from some white nationalist site/forum where they said to never have a child with a woman who had been with a negro, since then you child would gain the same racial characteristics.

      I had some one night stands in the past, but I have stopped completely with it since I don’t think it is wise as you say. I think those girls who lay with lots of men get really damaged by it and actually hurt there chance of finding a true partner. I think that there are many advantages to being with a girl who hasn’t slept around.

      When it comes to sex on the other hand we are here on earth to experience physicality, so why experience the extreme of physicality like having an orgasm? I read somewhere of a woman who hadn’t had sex or an orgasm for a long time and she started to feel less connected to the earth and people around her, she became to fairy like in a way, not grounded. So she found a partner and felt more alive by having sex again.

      I don’t know, but it is an interesting subject to ponder on.

  9. I’m following along and enjoying your dialogue, even if I dont find time to comment. Meanwhile, here’s the relevant passage from Matrix Warrior:

    The general consensus for matrix sorcerers seems to be that sex is either a lewd and slightly sordid indulgence, a potentially deadly distraction, a total irrelevance, or else an act of world-saving numinosity. It seems logical that, since matrix warriors’ prime concern is that of energy, and since sex is the most energy-consuming and/or -creating act they can engage in, it would be viewed with corresponding gravitas, and handled with the utmost care and respect.

    For humatons, sex, along with money and food, is one third of the unholy trinity of desire. Humatons pursue sex relentlessly and yet seem barely able to enjoy it when they get it. The matrix uses sex, along with death, as the primary emotional control mechanism to keep humatons enslaved. The matrix program, being above all anti-nature and counter-organic, is informed by a deep-rooted mistrust of all bodily functions. (Agent Smith admits to Morpheus that he is driven to destroy Zion above all so he can escape the matrix, because he is unable to stand the smell.) This mistrust or distaste is inculcated into humatons from birth—itself an obscene ritual—and leads to an overwhelming sense of fear and nausea at all things relating to sexuality and physicality. Humatons love sport because it’s a surrogate primal activity with none of the intimacy and messiness of sex.

    Humatons’ fear of sex goes deeper than merely distaste for the bodily functions, however (functions which, above all, serve to remind them of death); it relates to the threat of exposure which sexual union entails. Real sex (even in the matrix, where nothing is real) involves intimacy, an overriding of the intellect and of self-concern, the ‘little death’ of the ego, and a return to a pure, primal state of consciousness. It is potentially the most creative act there is, and hence the most effective means of unplugging, even if only temporarily. Since AI will do anything to prevent such a possibility, it has created a program in which natural sexuality is almost anathema to humatons (for example, in the matrix, nakedness = indecency), in which sex is a commodity, a means to titillate and excite, sell products, and ultimately frustrate with its unavailability; it is everywhere on offer and nowhere to be had. This situation creates a prevailing tension in humatons, whereby they desire sex without ever feeling comfortable about it. Since their desire is instilled in them by ice cream commercials and billboards, it’s no wonder they are suspicious of it. As a result, when they seek sex, humatons do so in much the same way they pursue any other desire, as a consumer seeking a commodity.

    And yet the primal need for sex remains, and the incompatibility of the physical need for procreation (and intimacy) with the conscious desire for gratification creates a schizophrenia in which humatons simultaneously fear what they desire, and desire what they fear. Hence, when sex is attained, humatons tend to be too confused emotionally and too divided psychologically to really enjoy it. They wind up going through the motions in an animalistic (actually machine-like) fashion. This is how AI sees sex, and humatons imitate their master. Since AI is incapable of empathy or intimacy of any kind, every act, including that of sex, is isolated, cold, and controlling. Most humatons ‘make love’ purely as an act of self-indulgence; they masturbate in pairs, with no real connection between them. They even close their eyes when they do it. If they make anything, besides more humaton babies to feed AI, it certainly isn’t love. For this reason matrix warriors are inclined towards celibacy, though on occasion they may go to the opposite extreme.

    The most effective red pill there is, after all, is a good fuck from a matrix sorcerer.

    (I blush a little to read this, but let the record stand.)

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