Paper Tiger 2013 Edition


Recently I decided to finally release my book about my experiences with, and explorations of, John de Ruiter’s Oasis group, using Amazon’s Create Space program. I thought I’d do an experiment first and re-issue Paper Tiger, after the first fifty-issue print run in 2010. It proved to be amazingly easy. (Beautiful cover design by Lucinda Horan, using my own doodles.)

Here’s the copy from Amazon’s site: There is a mythic narrative or archetypal blueprint concealed beneath the surface of our lives. It drives us without our being aware of it. It pulls our strings. If we dig deep enough beneath the surface details of our lives, we may get to see those strings. If we approach the abstract core of our being, we will find that we are not the person we thought we were, that we have been living a myth without knowing it. Myths are maps of the collective psyche. As individuals, we are like holographic fragments of that psyche. In a searing exploration of his relationship to his brother (the late artist Sebastian Horsley), Jason Kephas strips bare his and his brother’s childhood history to reveal the mythic bones of an age-long struggle between siblings: as old as the story of Cain and Abel.

Order your copy today! (as they say)

7 thoughts on “Paper Tiger 2013 Edition

  1. As a competitive twin with an appetite for real, practical psychology like you presented in your podcasts, I’m going to enjoy this book!

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