Was Lao Tze Autistic?

36.2 And this is the fine art of “dimming” one’s light. According to this [set-up] the soft overcomes the hard; and the weak, the strong.

36.3 Fish should be left in the deep pool, not taken away from water. And sharp weapons of the state should not be displayed, but left where nobody can see them.

37.1 The Tao never does; it takes no action. Through it everything is done, yet there’s nothing left undone.

43.1 The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world. The softest substance radiates through the hardest. Also, what’s most yielding can eventually overwhelm the hardest. Formless penetrates no-crevice; substanceless it can enter where there’s no space; all this could be not-yet-being entering and jostling non-space. That’s how I know the value of action that’s actionless. Through this I [also] know the benefit or advantage of taking no action.
43.2 There can be teaching without words. To teach without words can be best. Still few can understand such stuff. And there can be solid value in action that’s actionless, or the advantage of taking no action. Yes, the benefit of taking no action is without compare. Few can understand it.

Tao Te Ching

6 thoughts on “Was Lao Tze Autistic?

  1. OK, so I did East Asian Philosophy my senior year of high school (and am in my 10th year studying Chinese…) and um, FLAP.
    This may be insufficient evidence, and there may only ever be insufficient evidence, but the very idea that 老子 could have been autistic=> FLAP.

  2. actually there was an expanding mind in which a translator of chinese was interviewed and told something like that, that buddhist were somehow very extroverted types, whilst daoist wete kind of introverted ones ….

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