Misunderstanding gives rise to fear and fear increases misunderstanding. And misunderstanding + fear = hostility. It’s a vicious cycle and potentially, an exponential loop (ie, that gets faster each time it “spins”). I really think there is a basic, even primal need to fear and misunderstand autism as “the other,” perhaps related to the little understood fact of it being a spectrum (so who knows who’s on it?), and at an even deeper and more amorphous level, a way of perceiving. That way of perceiving, being extra-consensual perception, threatens the dominant paradigm.

We could even put it thus: the predominant or ruling neurons in the collective brain do not tolerate divergence.

The answer isn’t to start a revolution and overthrow NT society. That’s the NT way so clearly it’s not going to work. Neurodiversity requires alternate modes of perception to give rise to alternate forms of culture or social contexts. What works isn’t to resist or oppose the dominant way of perceiving (NT-ism), or even to try and correct it, but to nurture and develop one’s own perceptions in order to see more clearly, both internal and external reality.

The antidote to fear and hostility is understanding, perhaps not so much in the intellectual sense as a bodily deepening of awareness and insight.

Things naturally start to change when we begin to see them differently and more clearly. The idea that something needs to be done, ironically, often prevents us from seeing, because to see clearly requires first of all that we accept what’s actually there.

Otherwise we will see only what we allow ourselves to see.

4 thoughts on “Neuro-Wars

  1. You got your gravatar going! I’ve been wrestling with this for days now – I have to sign in with a different browser and account in order to get mine to appear on the comments, while still showing up on the main page/first post (the dead Mexican with guitar). That’s how I have two gravatars going.

    The gravatar technology is an interesting challenge, it’s new and it’s ultra-glitchy, almost like a living thing, It’s also a metaphor also: the system (NT culture) is trying to “fix” our identities to track us and to keep us under the cultural net.

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