7 thoughts on “Beyond Dirt: The Enlightenment Prospect

  1. Jo Jayce =) Always like to tune in from time to time to see what your up to, the new blogs cool, good luck with the film project. Also just caught your interview on diet soap, listening to your audio stuff is always my favorite method of taking in your thoughts. Please do as many as you find pleasant to do because i’m sure its not just me that loves to hear your chats.

    All the best man

  2. Hey Jason!

    Loved your little 10 minute movie.
    Where did you film it?

    I too have been after gold and Enlightenment for at least 30 years.
    There are many correlations indeed.

    I have done a bit of prospecting here in Shasta and even bought a 5K minelab last year that has been a wonderful paper weight.

    Its funny as a local friend has wanted to take me to different places. I have been a bit lazy as gold panning pr prospecting isnt as easy a job as most think. He took another guy and they found a 3/4 oz nugget.
    He likes to hunt for rocks as the area is abundant with rare rocks.

    A couple of weeks ago he hit the mother lode…his gold is Jade. He found one of the best and richest veins of jade on earth with a friend and they put and got a claim. Worth millions.

    My wife had made an agreement with him weeks before the find to sell his Jade online.
    He came over this morning to see the 80 foot pine that just missed our house by an inch yesterday during the west coast Sandy.

    Dave is really sad as his dog has to be put down and he is resisting as it is his best friend…We gain and lose…or just label it as such.

    Dave says its funny how much wealth people walk over looking for gold.
    Maybe gold and enlightenment are a trick…like a magicians misdirection.
    We have limited focus abilities as humans.
    After Daves massive find that thousands of people walked right past i wonder if the search for AU keeps us from finding our “wealth”

    Can we let it go…be in chaos …and then be re-guided to the vein we have walked past so many times

    I am tempted to focus on Oshana for a bit:-)

    Keep up the great work!

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