Atomic Gold & the God of the Atoms (& What This Blog’s About)


As you may have noticed, I’ve not been very active at this blog recently. That’s because I’m immersed in putting together a film project pitch and videos for Indiegogo, which I will link to here once it’s up. The film project is called Beyond Dirt, and it’s about two different but closely connected subjects: prospecting for gold, and the search for enlightenment, also known as spiritual liberation, which has to do with connecting to and becoming a conduit for the Transmission (and gold is also a transmitter).

The idea of “beyond dirt” is simple: that in order to find gold, you have to go into and beyond mere dirt. For the amateur prospector, all there is is dirt, because even gold looks like dirt without the eyes (the experience and training) to see. The trick of finding gold is that you have to be able to keep your attention on the gold, even when you can’t see anything but dirt. Otherwise, if you do come upon gold, you may not even know it. At the same time, when the prospector is overly focused on finding gold (if he is consumed by lust for it), he will start to see gold where there’s only dirt. Developing the eyes (the wisdom) to discern gold from dirt is what prospecting is about.


The naive seeker expects to find gold by digging shallow holes and looking for large yellow nuggets. They expect it to glitter and shine. In fact. it’s usually fool’s gold that shines, and fool’s gold is easy enough to find. The real stuff, even when it’s out of the ground, is all-but indistinguishable from sand (as shown in the ironic finale of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre).

The spiritual quest is much the same. In place of gold, we have “God” or enlightenment. Iplace of dirt, we have “the world.” Enlightenment means to move beyond the world, not by transcending it but by moving all the way through and into the core of it, the nuclear heart of pure molten gold that is the living soul-center of existence. Only by going all the way inward, into the blood and grime of our corporal selves, can we source the god atom of the Transmission, our forgotten heritage and birthright, the alchemical gold of the ancients.Image

Everyone knows about gold-mining – or thinks they do. But how many people have ever found gold? Everyone think they know about “enlightenment” too – but all we have are stories. Genuine gold miners are as rare these days as faeries or enlightened beings. And of these already extremely rare creatures, even fewer are talking.

I am fortunate enough to have met both an enlightened person, in the form of [enlightenment teacher] Dave Oshana, and a genuine, old-world gold miner, a man called Indian Joe. In one of those curious twists of fate, I am learning from both, and in the process, I am discovering the old alchemical maxim: “As above,so below.” It is the same knowledge, assuming two apparently opposing forms.


Indian Joe & Dave O

The profane and the sacred. We think of the search for gold as profane and the quest for God as sacred. But there is nothing profane without the existence of the sacred, and there is no gold without dirt, no spirit separate from matter, no enlightenment without a world to be enlightened.

That’s what I hope this film project will be about. So far as what any of this has to do with the name and theme of this blog – Auticulture – it’s the same idea: what is of greatest value is sought in the most unexpected and “lowest” (or, in the case of Dave, coldest) of places.

The stone that the builders rejected will become the head of the corner. Why did Jesus hang out with sinners and tax collectors? Our long sought after enlightened “masters” – faeries and ETs – are already among us. They are (some of) us. If all we see is dirt, we will walk all over them. Instead of learning from them, we will try to cure them, socialize them, make them fit into our own distorted images of normality. That’s like a gold miner trying to tell the ground what he wants instead of seeing what’s there. Or a “Christian” who only talks to God when he needs a favor.

The idea of Auticulture is to reverse that, and instead of trying to adapt autists or other “freaks” to fit with society, we can remake ourselves, and in the process our society and culture, to accommodate these strange new intelligences that are emerging, tentatively and mysteriously, amongst us.

It’s all about context. A gold prospector sees gold where others see only dirt. An enlightened person sees God where others see only the world. To locate the outer treasure, we have only to uncover what is within us. But to do that, we have to first look outside of ourselves, and really see what is there.

What we behold is what we are; but also, by seeing deeper into the atoms, where God is, what we will become.


The Beyond Dirt campaign is now live at Indiegogo, here.

5 thoughts on “Atomic Gold & the God of the Atoms (& What This Blog’s About)

  1. ‘The trick of finding gold is that you have to be able to keep your attention on the gold, even when you can’t see anything but dirt.’

    Nice! This line speaks volumes and can apply to almost anything. It’s always good to hear a positive reminder.

  2. Wisdom in its simplest form. Connection to our own Spirit out Divine Uniqueness outside of polarity – Keep our eyes on the Gold. Let the dirt fall away. Perfect. Thank You.

  3. Beautiful and profound and inspiring.
    Of course if one reads this before seeing the trailer it makes all the difference in terms of understanding what you’re doing with the film.

  4. So relevant. I’ve intentionally been homeless for the last 6 months and taking multiple psychedelics and research chemicals. A heroine addict and shaman have a lot of similar qualities.

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